The Worlds New Most Expensive Phone

bling bling!
bling bling!

Bond! Im sure the IPHONE 3GS SUPREME ROSE is somewhere around here...

iPhone Supreme= Power= Party!

Imagine the POWER

Looking for a new toy/gadget to impress your friends with?

Are you bored? Are you wealthy? or want to reap the benefits of being rich?

Are you a multimillionaire and a giver? DONT give your loved one the same old gift of a diamond.

If you are like Ellen I dont mean a lesbian with hot girlfriends. I mean like you buy a $20 million property and then buy the 2 houses across
the street for $8 million a piece(another $16 million), just so you can demolish them to have more breathing room and extra yard space.

I got the toy for you!

The purchase of this phone would not only bring instant gratification but it would also place you in the elite.

Imagine the enjoyment, the POWER ,"I own the worlds most expensive phone".

So many reasons to own this power device. So many things you could do with it!

You could crash any party: weddings, bar mitzvahs, divorces, playboy and the oh-so-popular-at-the moment-parties-to-crash-as-seen-on-tv The White House parties.

Once you are in the party just flash this device and you are guaranteed to get laid, make powerful connections and interesting which ever order you choose.

Ring, ring, ring

When I was contacted by Katherine Hughes of Stuart Hughes, the world's most luxurious communication devices, i was thrilled. She mentioned the release of their new phone and asked if I would feature their latest product.The excitement of having this exclusive company actually reach out to me was a rush.

Unfortunately, I was not given the actual product to test drive :0(

But maybe, just maybe they will invite me to one of their lavish Ibiza parties (hint, hint)

Is this your summer home??? This is the phone for you!

Stuart Hughes Steps Up!

Ive got to say Stuart Hughes has stepped up to the plate with their recent and best big-ticket creation.

The iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose has taken the appellation of world's best big-ticket buzz with its amount tag of $3.15 million.

This pricey altered iPhone 3GS appearance:

  • Solid 18K rose gold case with a hand-made platinum bezel adorned with 130 unique .75ct impeccable diamonds; for a grand total of 97.5 ct.
  • They have also arranged 4 pink baguette diamonds counting in at a cool 2.5cts.
  • The rear area is formed with about 112 grams of 18ct rose gold forth with its rose gold Apple logo and 53 diamonds.
  • The main navigation button is a single cut 7.1ct diamond which sits in its 18ct rose gold mount.

The iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose has beat the previous world's most expensive phone which was also created by Hughes.

What are you waiting for?

VISIT Stuart Hughes!

Get your luxury phone and head down to Ibiza!

...and dont forget to invite me.

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