The explosion of social networks. Web 2.0 And The New Generation of Internet users

The explosion of social networks. Web 2.0 And The New Generation of Internet users

Web 2.0 was a term coined to define the second generation of the Internet, and its platform interactivity between communities, the inclusion of social networks and services among others.

New languages are beginning to spread by the "cyber space" such as:

Freedom of expression through virtual communities, personalization of content in an interactive and personal and corporate promotion through forums, blogs, groups / communities and sites in participatory video.

Every day there are new roles and creating of new business models, with more attractive and more profitable return.

This change demystifies the concept of the mass of information required by large corporations, who used to practice the doctrine of "absolute truths" as a means of social manipulation of the masses.

Today we have a paradigm shift in the information and the Internet became the main vehicle of information and media, is driving a new round of personal and business relationships, sharing opinions, stories and experiences.

The format rather as a closed object and impenetrable, it followed the new rules, becoming at the same time receiver and publisher of interactive communication and is a major factor in determining competitiveness, attracting more visible and adding value to your brand market.

The incorporation of new standards of accessibility through mobile technology (3G mobile phones, PDAs, Pocket PC, GPS), will make Web 2.0 more attractive, allowing access to data and information anywhere, anytime.

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