19 Apps for iPad That Make Learning Fun for Kids

What is an iPad?

The iPad is a tablet computer made by Apple Inc. that was launched in early 2010. It's only half an inch thick with a 9.7 inch color screen. The Apple iPad can be used to browse the internet, send email, play games, watch movies and read books and periodicals.

The iPad is really easy to use, the multi-touch screen is fun and the interactive nature makes using it enjoyable. These are all reasons why the Apple iPad can become a great teaching tool for children!

It uses WiFi or a 3G cell phone connection to access the internet and load media and software. The iPad's beautiful color touch screen is controlled by bare fingers. This touch interface makes it easier for kids (and even toddlers) to use than a mouse or keyboard.

What are Apps for the iPad?

The iPad comes with some applications (apps) already loaded, such as the Safari internet browser, Mail, Photos, Video, YouTube, App Store link, iBooks link, Maps, Notes, Calendar, Contacts, and iTunes.

To make it even more useful, the Apple App Store offers over 200,000 more apps that can be downloaded to the iPad either for free or at a cost. The apps are rated based on their content as being appropriate for various ages, which is very helpful for parents when choosing apps for children.

Fun iPad Apps that Help Kids Learn

So what types of apps are available that kids will like? And that might actually help them learn something while having fun? Prices vary from free up to about $9, with most apps costing about $1.99.

  1. PopMath - A math game with different levels.
  2. Word Magic - Kids fill in the missing letter to form words, accompanied by bright pictures.
  3. Type Fast - Learn keyboard skills. If your kids don’t have time to take a typing class, they can use this app to learn how to type faster and more accurately.
  4. Oregon Trail - Practice problem solving and decision making skills while learning about history as you try to survive the famous trail to the West.
  5. Free Books - This app costs $1.99 but it gives you access to 23,000 classic books like Tom Sawyer.
  6. Highlights Hidden Pictures - From the classic Highlights magazine for kids, this game includes eight puzzles filled with hidden pictures that kids search for while using clues and hints.
  7. Textropolis - Kids need to find words and piece them together to build up their "textropolis" in this game.
  8. Wurdle - This is a fun word game that's very similar to Boggle.
  9. Super Why - By PBS Kids, this app helps kids learn to read with four interactive games. Practice the alphabet, rhyming, spelling and reading.
  10. Toy Story - A read-along short version of the Toy Story 3 movie with activities like puzzles, coloring boards, sing-along songs and games.
  11. My Numbers - Is an app for toddlers to learn counting from 1 to 10.
  12. My First Words - Ten videos for ages one and up that help learn words such as family, fruits and vegetables, colors, numbers, etc.
  13. Fish School - For toddlers and up, this in an interactive learning game with eight activities covering letters, numbers, shapes, colors, differences and matching.
  14. Animal Memory Match Kids - A memory match game for kids from toddlers on up.
  15. Star Walk - This app turns your iPad into a portable planetarium. Just hold the iPad up to the sky and it shows you the stars in that direction just as if you were looking through a telescope! It also has info on changes in the night sky, constellations, and other celestial bodies.
  16. Magic Piano - Learn piano pieces on a regular looking keyboard, or make the keys display in a spiral or circle pattern.
  17. Hello-Hello Kids - Teaches kids their numbers in seven different languages.
  18. Tozzle - Match different shapes, animals, etc to the correct spot in the screen. Great for toddlers.
  19. Musee du Louvre - Take a tour of one of the greatest museums on Earth, the Louvre in Paris

iPads Make Great Gifts for Kids

The iPad makes a great gift for kids because of all the great apps but also because it is so much easier for them to use than a computer mouse and keyboard. Need more convincing? OK, here are five more reasons to pick the iPad when looking for a great kids' gift:

1. The iPad is portable and easy to carry wherever you go, so it's possible for kids to use it just about anywhere they have extra time. Think about all the time kids spend in the car, in the dentist's waiting room, or tagging along to someone else's events, like an older sibling's sports games.

2. You won't need to keep finding room for games and books because electronic purchases are stored on the iPad. That means less clutter at home.

3. Kids who are intimidated by textbooks may be more comfortable using this thin, lightweight device. It won't seem like schoolwork while they learn because they're having fun.

4. As kids outgrow apps, it's easy to buy a more challenging game because the iPad does this wirelessly with no PC necessary.

5. There will be even more children's educational apps available in the future. As more families and schools discover the benefits of the iPad, developers will meet demand with more and better apps to choose from.

Where Can I Buy an iPad and Applications (Apps)?

The easiest way to buy an Apple iPad is online through Amazon, which also carries all the accessories you'll need like screen protectors, travel cases, skins and docking stations. It is also sold at Apple stores and other large retailers like Best Buy.

Once you've bought your iPad, you'll see a link on the screen that takes you to the Apple App Store. There you can find all the kids' apps listed above and download them.

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