The need of evaluating the impact of wireless technology on our future

The need of evaluating the impact of wireless technology on our future.

Wireless technology refers to wireless devices which are used as a mean of communications or it can be said that it is an alternative to wired communication devices, It can be in form of a cell phone, Radio or a wifi internet device, The biggest benefit is that with wireless technology devices, there is no need to use wire cables to have communication, what we are going to look in this article will be that how these wireless devices will be impacting our future lives, as everything has both negative and positive impacts so does the wireless technology has, first let us look at the benefits which we has or will have in the future.

5 G is the short form of fifth generation mobile devices; particularly refer for cell phones, technology have been divided into generations starting from the first generation till fifth generation. Currently devices are available till fourth generation, but in future fifth generation devices will be available in the market, everyone wants to know what will fifth generation devices be contacting? Well that’s a secret!! Fifth generation devices are expected to be released by the end of 2011, these cell phones are to carry most advanced features which one have ever imagined, they are expected to have more than thousands of applications in a single gadget.

In future wireless internet devices will completely replace wire internet devices as it will be of a great advantage to both the service provider and the users. Wireless internet devices have also created a symbol of style and status; this is another reason why people have moved or willing to move towards wireless devices as they do not want to stay out dated.

There should be a reason why exciting uses of wired networks preferred moving towards wireless devices, the most common reason is that at times it is very difficult to use wire networks it may be due to the high cost or because of the long time taken to setup wire based networks. There was always a risk of wires getting damages .and many other disadvantages contribute to the rise of wireless technology. Now all most all of the business has been transformed into the users of wireless technology.

Wireless technology contains Speedy healing of operating cost because there are hardly any maintenance required by the wireless devices, it’s just a onetime investment. Even if a need occurs to maintain it, it’s way more cheaper than the maintenance wired based networks.

Wireless technology devices are easy to Access due to the low cost, not only the big business can acquire them but also many small businesses have started using them, the greatest advantage is that they are easily movable, if a business changes its office or makes changes to the layout of its existing office ,The devices could be moved easily, These devices also have a huge coverage area at an average they can cover an area from a meter to fifty-five kilometers,

Many people think that wireless technology is unsafe and to be honest that it is true to a great extend although you may have password protected network but it can be hacked, apart from this these devices carry health related problems in some countries on the back of the product it is now stated that it contains health hazards, With an intensive use of such device as compared to adults children’s are at a greater risk of brain related disease. Apart from this technology have badly affected the youth all over the world, technology have turn out to be a need rather than a want, without such devices it’s impossible to image a life now, teenagers spend there most of the time playing games on the computer or browsing the internet ,if not this then chatting on their mobile phone. Physical activates have declined by 90 percent, which in future will cause more serious problems.

Our future is completely depending on wireless technology devices because it has already become a part of our daily life.

Weather in form of internet devices or cell phones both has given us a great deal of advantages which cannot be dined although it carry lots of disadvantages with it, But overall we can say that the benefits are grater then the threads

So yes!

Future is wireless!!

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