Things That Will Disappear From Your Life in the Near Future!


There are certain things going on in our lives now that we don’t pay attention to due the lack of time or simply due to our carelessness. Yep, among all those things, we are soon going to miss few from our daily routine and become history, because we don’t need them anymore and because we have substituted them with better and more efficient ways. Some of those things are:

The Post Office

Sure everyone noticed that post offices around the globe are facing huge dilemmas now. People tend to use emails, faxes, facebook, E-Buddy, BlackBerry and to mention is few. Also, other rivals came into the way like FedEx, DHL…etc which took over the Express Delivery Industry with competitive rates and better transit times which rendered post offices as burden where they consume more than gain.


Many countries like the UK are working on substituting the cheque system by safer, faster and cheaper instruments. The old fashion cheque system tends to cost a lot of money, so by using credits, instant bank transfers and most importantly E-Cheques, there will be cost reduction for banks. In addition to that, this will contribute to the vanishing of post offices that were once used for money transfers too.


Of course this is almost a fact now except when we use them for rapping purposes! It’s faster and better to read an E-newspaper version nowadays than grabbing a normal newspaper specially that all news agencies now do have websites which are updated around the clock. Moreover, many people are connected to news ports via their I Phones, smart phones, I Pads, laptops…etc


Needless to say that this is pretty much similar to the previous one but the issue here, people in the past and probably now like to buy a book, read it and keep at home with their collection. But now, people are having E-libraries, electronic books collection which might consist of thousand of books in a tiny space in a normal USB. This is in a way sad for sure, but now with the e-copies, I can carry my own library wherever I go, take any online encyclopedia for example. Of course, this will consequently lead to turning public libraries into museums where someday we will tell our kids: I visited this library once upon a time.

Landline Phones

Tell me when was the last time you used your landline at home to call someone? It happens but very rare and I am sure you all know why. They developed mobile phones (cellular phones) to the extent that they are becoming so small, multifunctional, smart and cheap and no one can deny that. Anyway, because of our modern life, we are seldom at home, so the land line will become for decoration only this is in case you already have one.

CD, Hard Drives

With the continuous and increasing use of USB and portable memory drives, the need for CD to store data has become almost obsolete. You can simply now download a song or a book, store in your USB and you’re ready to go for portable drives have even more capacity than normal CDs. A USB fits in your pocket or in your key chain, and it doesn’t get scratched, bent, destroyed plus it is relatively smaller than a CD.


Exactly my dear: Share or get shared! You can kiss your privacy good-bye and you can start now because if you are not connected to Facebook, you definitely have an account in yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, My Space, Tagged…etc and hundreds of social websites. You can even type your name in Google and hit search to find your name in LinkedIn for example or in Friendster or even Hubpages. So, soon, the whole world will know one another and if I don’t know you, I will at least know of your friends.

Any more suggestions?

Finally, this is what I could come up with and should you have any other thing that’s on the way to vanish, kindly feel free and share it in the comments below. I hope Robots won’t take over so humans won’t vanish too…

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shamelabboush profile image

shamelabboush 4 years ago Author

Davesworld, that is a good idea and I think this type of cameras have already disappeared, I guess!

Davesworld profile image

Davesworld 4 years ago from Cottage Grove, MN 55016

Cameras that use actual film as opposed to digital cameras.

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