My Three Favorite Gadgets!

Wii Fit

How can you not love a video game that helps you lose weight?

I've had a Wii Fit for almost a year now, and now there's even more weight loss/exercise products and games available.

Some titles to check out:

  • Gold's Gym Cardio Workout
  • Active Life Outdoor Challenge
  • EA Sports Active
  • We Ski
  • Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum

These games may come with or require additional Wii attachments. (Wii Fit board or Wii mat.)


Roomba and Scooba

A few years ago, my brother gave me a Roomba for Christmas. When I unwrapped it, a couple of thoughts went through my head.

Give me a break. Like this thing works.

As if the dog is going to let this thing run around the house.

I am going to feel so bad that he got this for me, and I will probably never use it.

And I was wrong, wrong, WRONG.

It works great. It sucks up dirt that you can't even see on the tile floor. You know, when you think you did a good job sweeping, and the floor must be clean, 'cause you don't see any dirt? It's there. But Roomba will get it for you.  All the dog hair, too. 

The dog doesn't pay any attention to it. I thought for sure he'd bark his head off, he'd be scared of it, or he'd try to go after it. Nope. Roomba and the dog share the house happily. As a matter of fact, Roomba got wedged under the recliner and played it's little musical "Help me!" song and I didn't hear it, but the dog was standing in the living room barking at it until I came to see what the problem was and set Roomba on it's way again. So they get along just fine.

And do I use it? Holy cow. Do I ever! There is a scheduler feature that lets you set times for Roomba to go off automatically. So my floors get vacuumed 3 times a week, even if I'm not home. All I have to do is come home and empty the vacuum basin into the garbage. That chore's done!

Of course, I was very grateful and expressed to my brother how much I loved the Roomba.  So guess what I got the following Christmas?  It's cousin, the Scooba.  Scooba mops!!!

Next, the iRobot company just needs to invent something that will fold clothes and pull weeds.  I'm in.

Haier Electric Wine Opener

 I am definitely not a wine connoisseur, but I do like wine. 

My issue is with opening wine.  (When I actually purchase bottles that don't just have a twist-off cap.)  I don't do well with the old-fashioned twisty-pully bottle opene; I either mash the cork to bits or can't get it off the damn corkscrew itself.

Thank goodness for the Haier electric wine opener.  No more struggling. 

Push a button, the corkscrew goes all the way down through the cork.  Push the button again the cork comes off the corkscrew.  No cork particles in your wine, and you don't look like an idiot struggling with an old-fashioned corkscrew.

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temp_inizer 6 years ago from Noida (India)

Really 3 choices are..

mobile, laptop & ipod

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