How to convert EDB to PST after ‘database page read…’ error

Perform EDB to PST conversion after "database page read..." error

MS Outlook users might lose important EDB database files after corruption or error in Exchange server data. Exchange server is a repository to entire transaction logs of the user and thus its corruption can lead to heavy loss of data. Therefore, MS exchange administrators look forward to troubleshoot varied EDB database file errors on regular basis. The situation can pose threat when there are chances of heavy data loss and administrators are still out of way about the corruption.

Damage or corruption of EDB files can happen because of different reasons like improper shut down, virus, physical damage to the storage media etc. In such scenario MS Outlook stops accessing user’s emails, contact, calendar etc because of its unavailability of fetching data from the EDB database. Exchange server administrators are then required to run online backup for the exchange server information. If this option does not perform a successful recovery exchange recovery tools come to rescue.

Consider a real time scenario, with no back up availability of EDB files there can be delay in performing your timely tasks. While working you may come across error alert which can create hassle in day to day work.

The following could be the error:

Database page read failed verification because of a -1018 error” (page checksum mismatch)

Alternatively Error -18111 (hexadecimal 0xFFFFF8ED) which stands for JET_errFileNotFound and File not found, indicating the database page read failed verification due to page checksum mismatch. This database page indicates file in Exchange Store and error indicates the individual file (that might be priv1.edb) is corrupt.

With this error alert user might come across issues like: Inability to send or receive email message

  • Failure in starting MS Outlook on the client computer
  • Online backups failing to complete showing -1018 checksum error
  • Online defragmentation report generates a -1018 checksum mismatch error

Resolving the above mentioned error can be done in an effective manner, a particular error can be resolved by the user according to the methods listed below:

  1. If you come across the error code in the event description as -1018, then look out for possible resolution by Microsoft on their support site
  2. Run system diagnostic test.
  3. Try on migrating to a different hardware
  4. Try upgrading disk controller BIOS and firmware
  5. Repair EDB database with the eseutil /P, then eseutil /D and then isinteg –fix

Another beneficial way is to switch over Convert EDB to PST software, which can help in repairing EDB database and recover entire data from the corrupted database. When manual methods do no good for your needs switch to EDB to PST software and easily handle all the recovered MS Outlook data.

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MarryWilson 4 years ago

LEM is the great tool that efficiently performs Exchange disaster recovery by helping the user in recovering corrupt Exchange database.

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