Tips for writing business emails

Art of writing business e-mails

We are living in an Internet era, and everything really everything, now a days, is being carried out through Internet. Almost 99 percent of our day to day activity, being done with Internet. Since, it becomes a must that we learn the way how to handle it professionally. Out of all, the one which acts as the heart of our action on Internet is an e mail. An e mail can make or break a professional relationship. Writing an e mail is an art and it reflects your personality.

When it is said writing an email is an art writing a business email is more than an art. Every business email you send is a reflection of you and your company, and the life and death of your business lies much on the email, since your client will judge you and your business on what you write. How you express, and present yourself and your business on the email will decide the fate of the purpose the mail.

Here are a few tips to write a business email the right way.


Never leave the subject field blank. Subject is very important that it precisely describes the purpose of the mail. If you leave the subject field blank, receiver will think it is not so important. On the other hand never tag your mail as high priority or very important or confidential unless and until it really carries a reason to say so. By tagging every mail as important, high priority, and confidential the real important ones will go unnoticed. If you want to send a copy of the mail to some one else also put his mail id in the BCC field.

Don't use your own abbreviations or Lingo:

Remember you are writing a business email not a formal mail to your close friend or your family, where you are at full liberty to use your own language and abbreviations as you wish. Carrying it out in an business email may end up making you sound informal and disrespectful.

Watch your grammar and sentence formation:

Take proper care in the use proper language rules and frame your sentences properly. Use capitals, full stops, comma etc in the places needed.

Business email id:

Always use your business email id or the company email id for your business mails, and refrain from using your personal email id. It is something very basic that most of us ignore, sounds more professional than isn't it. If you doesn't have a separate domain name for your company you can create one with or you can use the services of such facility providers.


The basic thumb-rule of a business email is be precise, clear and professional. Make sure that your email possess all the content that you want to communicate, but not too long. Long emails whether its a formal one or a business mail tend to annoy the reader. So try to avoid long big big essays. On the same time don't write one line email where you may not be in a position to give the information that you want to convey.

The same rule you got to keep in mind with your signature and disclaimer also.

No capitals:

Try to avoid using all capitals, in your mail they call it as shouting. Also avoid using single and double quotes in a business mail, since it look like some rude statement or any criticism made against the reader.

Opening and closing:

Always take more care to open and close your email properly. When you address use Hello, Mr., Ms., Mrs., and Mrs, depending on whom it is being meant.

Sign off using yours truly, with regards, regards,thank-you etc. Never forget to write your full name and designation when you sign off.

Spell check:

This is the most important part of a business mail, wrong spellings make your mail more unprofessional and make you look more lazy. You got such a lot of facilities on every mail provider to check spelling, use it. After you do it go through the mail twice to make sure it makes sense and communicates what you had in mind.


When your mail supposed carry any attachments make sure you send the right one and more importantly check for any viruses or bugs. Mention about the attachments that your mail is carrying in the content.

Try to follow these few simple steps, since every business mail you send is a reflection of you and your company.

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