Top 10 PC TechnoScams

Here are the top ten greatest and most blatant PC scam products.
Here are the top ten greatest and most blatant PC scam products.

The personal computer industry lends itself to snake oil more than any other major consumer field. High technology is moving so fast and is so complex that it would take full time study just to keep up with the major salient points in the ongoing development of the industry. Therefore there can be no such thing as an "informed consumer" in high tech, and the various snake oil salesmen masquerading as technology CEOs know this well. They have foisted on the poor unsuspecting public more scams than Nigerian 419ers could ever come up with in their wildest dreams:

1) Inkjet Printer Ink. Most people can't believe that they can pick up an inkjet printer that will print out their documents and photos in full color with photographic clarity and resolution for $29.95. However, they'll find out that they've been suckered in after a handful of pages are printed, the tiny "starter" ink cartridges are empty and they face an expense of nearly $100 to buy new ink cartridges. Gotcha!

2) Inkjet Printer Paper. Why bother with photo labs when you can print out photos at home that look just like the ones that came from the pros? Sure, many new inkjet printers can reproduce photos in amazing clarity, but the paper that requires is far more expensive than just having the lab do it for you.

3) OEM CPU Coolers. The heatsink and fan assemblies which come with new CPUs are usually sufficient for keeping the processor at cool operating temperatures only if the PC is idling outdoors in Nunavut in February. Aftermarket cooler technology is efficient and inexpensive, so why do the manufacturers insist on packaging overheating-prone junk with their CPUs?

4) ISP Bandwidth Claims. Sure, you can get 8MB/s download speeds for your $39.95 a month broadband subscription. Just remember that not only is it 8 megabits per second, which works out to 1 megabyte per second, and that is a theoretical maximum that can be achieved only if the distributed traffic load on your ISPs servers is next to nothing... which is almost never.

5) VOIP 911. Don't trust your life to it. Ever. Unlike regular landlines which will directly connect you to emergency services in your town, VOIP can connect you to a generic 911 operator who might route your emergency call to Portland, Maine instead of Portland, Oregon.

6) Video Game Feature Sets. It is common practice for game publishers to issue new versions which require supercomputers to play properly. What is the point of distributing a game if the hardware specifications are at least five years ahead of market availability?

7) Linux. It doesn't run any of the applications that real everyday computer users need with the sole exception of Open Office. Dealing with it is so cumbersome that it will make you look at a $100+ purchase of the evil bloatizoid Windows Vista as money well spent.

8) Mac Pricing. A great OS riding atop hardware that is priced three or four times above what you can get at etailers. Price out Apple's RAM or Video Card upgrades and get ready to laugh uproariously.

9) Vista: SuperFetch and ReadyBoost do nothing noticeable other than sucker the unsuspecting into thinking that they are actually valid features. Vista Ultimate is the Ultimate Joke as the only reason to spend the big bucks was to get all sorts of Wow! exclusive features that were never released.

10) AMD K10 Phenoms. Hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Don't get me started on Dr. Ruiz and his Phenom-enal Phailures.


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Lattyware 8 years ago

Oh dear. Here it is, how did I know I would find this?

You say Linux is a scam? Despite the fact it costs you nothing? OK, first of all, that's a joke.

Next, you say Linux doesn't run any applications everyday computer users need? Let me laugh at your misinformed, ignorant statement. Linux has a huge variety of software availible. I am typing this right now from an Arch Linux installation. I am typing via Opera, a web browser, I have Kopete, an IM client, xChat, an IRC client, kTorrent, a Bittorrent client, Shaman, a package manager (an amazing tool for installing the masses of incredible, free software that is availible, which Windows, in fact, does not posess). Among millions of other programs.

I am a web developer and programmer, I know lots of people, both as in-the-know as me, and those who are less knowledgable, including people who know nothing about a computer except Google and Facebook. Guess what, they all manage to use Linux distros, and they work perfectly well for thier needs.

Linux is not the perfect operating system, some software is not produced for it, Photoshop, for example, is lacking, as are most Games, however, not every Games on their PC, and dual booting is availible. The GIMP surfices for most graphics editing you could possibly require.

Add to that fact Linux is secure, stable, free, has a mass of community support, a wide range of FOSS applications which a free in a number of ways, including no proprietary formats to lock you in, it also has a lot of choice and customisation.

Linux has become easy to use and efficient within the last few years, and the average install of Ubuntu is a matter of clicking next a few times. Hardly a troublesome affair.

Please stop your uninformed drivel and actually learn about what you are talking about before you post in future, you are misguiding people who know no better.

Cythrawl 8 years ago

1) Total lies.. you get ink online for far cheaper... I can get enough ink for my Printer for a year for $50 See here:,Epson,T069120,,...

2) The Linux stuff Lattyware already touched on...

3) VOIP 911-- DO you EVEN HAVE A CLUE? Vonage REQUIRES you to setup your home address to tie it with your VOIP number... its a legal requirement.... When the operator gets the call the info is already there for said operater just like a real 911 call. Do you even have a clue how these call centers WORK? DO YOU? Do you even know what a Telephone Exchange SWITCH looks like and how its run ?... Nope I thought not...

4) OEM Coolers... You my friend are on crack.. If you put a Tuniq Tower in on a PC with a stock CPU you will find that the temps are cooler. A cooler CPU will last longer. The OEM coolers are rated to run the CPU at that temp within limits.. not at optimal... Jesus...

I can comment an anything else because you are such an Epic Fail on such an epic scale that there is no word to describe you..

Hal Licino profile image

Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto Author

Wow. Are you guys ever dumb. You can't even read my paragraph on OEM coolers and understand what "The heatsink and fan assemblies which come with new CPUs are usually sufficient for keeping the processor at cool operating temperatures only if the PC is idling outdoors in Nunavut in February." You think I'm defending OEM coolers when I'm knocking them. I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with the woefully unarmed. Go play somewhere else. :)

Lattyware 8 years ago

Oh, would you look at that, ignore my post because you have no counter for it. Focus on one misinterpretation there, and ignore the rest of the good points as you know you are wrong.

It just makes you look more incompetent.

Cythrawl 8 years ago

Actually you are right about the cooler thing, I misread it.. but the other three points still stand... I doubt you will even post this though, due to being proven wrong in other areas... But whatever... The Battle of wits has just begun...

profile image

freonshao 8 years ago

Linux is made for programmers and other people that are a little better than the average computer user. However, I do find your theory about the ink cartridges being way over priced or just not work when you get a printer true.. I've experianced this many times. The Vista features are actually really good, from the x32bit to the x64bit ultimate there is a lot lot more you can do with the 64 bit...

Hal Licino profile image

Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto Author

freonshao, I agree, but then distros like Ubuntu should not be touted as legitimate replacements for Windows. It should be promoted as a "developer-only" OS. Cythrawl and Lattyware... I'm sooooooooooooo bored of you guys and your nonsense. Prove it on a published scientific basis or go back to playing with your death threat friends at

Hal Licino profile image

Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto Author

"Linux still is not for the faint of heart or the computer-as-appliance crowd." For that matter neither is OS/2, Xenix, or 86-DOS, but I can't come up with a single reason to use any of them! :)

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