Top 10 Technological Innovations in 2012

Technological Innovations

2012 was a golden year of gadgets that created a revolution in the application of new technologies. The internet that had already gained its position in mobile phones and tablets, gained its presence in camera, glasses, cars, microwave oven etc. Internet gained more strength, belief and stability through Google fibre and cloud services. Services like pinterest and instagram quickly reached the people. Below mentioned are the 10 wonderful discoveries of 2012 that provides expectations for future…

Top 10 Technological Innovations in 2012

1) Google glass

The most fabulous discovery of Google is Google glass which is the best gadget of 2012. This camera is connected to the e-glass functioning in the Android operating system of Google, having internet connectivity. This camera pasteurizes what ever is seen by our eyes and if wanted also telecasts live.

2) Lytro camera

It has minimized the importance of photographers and redefined photography. It focuses the image after taking the photograph rather than focusing images first. It contains many small lenses that take photograph at all angles where light reaches and helps the photo editor to take the decision of where to set the focus after taking the photograph. Hence it never misses an unexpected valuable moment.

3) 3D Printer

Science is now able to clone photograph copies of lifeless things. 3D printing or additive manufacturing does the work of converting the digital model of a product to its 3D form and doesn’t require cutting or drilling or manufacturing cost. It’s used in ornament making, shoe making, industrial designing, the production of dental and medical tools etc.

4) 4K TV

Last year when the world changed from HD TV to 3D TV, this year 4K 3D TVs reached the market. The 4K TVs having a resolution double to that of HD TVs, is the wonder of this year. This type of LG’s 3D TVs, having 84 inches have reached the market through courier. The market will become active with arrival of 4K TVs of Samsung and Sony. But the content of 4K TVs is still not available.

5) Windows 8

It’s the latest version of Microsoft windows operating system suitable for touch screen computers and tablets. It’s a super interface entirely different from what we have seen till now. It brought the home screen apps and multi touch commands into reality. Even though Windows cannot claim the speed of achievements attained by the Android operating system of Google, it provides a strong expectation as the future operating system.

6) Android Ubuntu

It’s the android version of open source operating system, Ubuntu. It will work along with the Android in smart phones that contains Android operating system. There is no technological conflict, as the base of both is Linux. If a phone having Android Ubuntu is connected to the computer through the interface of Ubuntu, smart phone applications including calls can be accessed through that computer. The Ubuntu TV interface will start functioning if the phone is connected to the TV. It helps in running Ubuntu programs in smart phones and android applications in computers.

Top 10 Tech Trends for 2013

Parrot AR Drawn
Parrot AR Drawn
Apple's MacBook Pro Retina display
Apple's MacBook Pro Retina display | Source
wifi 802.11 ac
wifi 802.11 ac | Source

7) Parrot AR Drawn

It’s a radio controlled quadrotor helicopter made by the French company, Parrot. It’s a small aeroplane in the size of a bird controlled using a smart phone or tablet. It contains a number of sensors including altimeter and has two high quality cameras. The images from a 720 pixel HD camera can be seen in a smart phone or tablet computer. In the coming years it may progress from the image of a toy to that of a weapon and can also be used for observation.

8) Macbook pro (retina display)

It’s a product introduced by Apple. It’s a combination of latest technology and durability. It can be simply described as a notebook that has the best screen in the world and it comes equipped with a gorgeous 221 pixel-per-inch 2880 x 1800 display. It’s better than a full HD television. Macbook pro can also be described as the notebook with the least weight.0.7 inch weight, aluminum body, thunderbolt, HDMI, USB 3 ports.

9) wifi 802.11 ac

The latest wifi protocol 802.11 AC was invented to ensure double speed in connectivity even during the GBPS internet period. The speed of internet is 5G. It will become about 2015 for gadgets and modems having new Wifi to be common in market, which can transfer 1GB data in a second. The buffalo technology has already elicited new wifi modems and client bridge adapters.

10) IBM 500 battery

Battery 500 can be used instead of lithium iron battery which is the discovery of IBM. Instead of lithium iron batteries, IBM uses Air lithium batteries where chemical changes within the batteries are changed entirely. The chemical reaction within air lithium batteries is lead by lithium and atmospheric oxygen. It ensures fabulous mileage for vehicles. Even the best electric cars functioned by lithium iron batteries run a maximum of 100 miles today. But the aim of IBM is to provide batteries capable of running 500 miles with one recharge.

Even though it is very hard to determine the top 10 tech innovations in this digital era, the above mentioned are some of the tech devices that make all of us crazy to have. They have made life easier. These devices though expensive are capable enough for the communication process throughout the globe.

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Ethan Green profile image

Ethan Green 3 years ago from England

Wow, I thought I was quite aware of technological developments, but there were more than one on your list that I have not even heard of before. Great hub!

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi Ethan,

Happy to find that my hub helped you get more information about technological developments. Try using the new devices mentioned in the list. I hope the hub was useful.

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