Top 3 Twin Lens 3D Full HD Best Camcorder 2012

After all the hype about 3D twin lens video cameras we still have to choose from less than a dozen. Most of the major brands have a consumer camcorder with a 3d lens ranging from pocket camcorders, consumer camcorders, Prosumer and professional camcorders, and most are good at what they do.

Broadcast 3D video cameras are very different of course, and their 3D twin lens camcorders cost many thousands of dollars, but these 3D camcorder reviews are camcorders for consumers or Prosumers. So below I have summerised three decent 3D camcorders to consider in no special order.

The big drawback is price, as it can cost you hundreds of dollars more for basically the same camcorder with a 3D twin lens added. So here are my Top 3 Prosumer 3D Twin Lens Full HD reviews which may be of some help in deciding if the 3D route is the one you should take.

JVC GS-TD1 3D Twin Lens Camcorder

JVC GS-TD1 3D Twin Lens Prosumer Full HD Camcorder

GS-TD1 JVC 3D Full HD Video Cameras are solidly built with a bright touch-sensitive 3D viewing screen, they are very good in low light and record to 3D MP4 format eating up about 16 GB per hour of memory.

The JVCGS-TD1 twin lens Full HD camcorder Image stability is excellent with selectable auto mode or manual mode for many features. The JVC 3D battery will give you power for almost 2 hours, and the main downside to this JVC 3D Full HD Camera is the included editing software. Priced well at about $1,200

JVC 3D GS-TD1 Technical Details

3D Full HD 1920 x 1080 Recording

Advanced Image Stabilizer Works in 2D and 3D

5x Optical Zoom (3D) / 10x Optical Zoom (2D) / 200x Digital Zoom (2D)

3.5" Glasses Free 3D Touch Panel LCD

JVC 3D HD GT Twin Lens

Sony HDR-TD10 3D camcorder

Sony HDR-TD10 Prosumer 3D camcorder

The Sony HDR-TD10 Full HD 3D Twin Lens Camcorder is basically a HDR-CX560V with a twin lens allowing you to create breathtaking 3D home movies with the world’s first Full HD 3D Camcorder featuring two lenses, two sensors and two processors in stunning 5.1 channel surround sound.

HDR-TD10 64GB Internal Flash Memory will record up to 26 hours of HD movies and even more on Memory Stick™ or SD Card and the 3.5″ WIDE TruBlack fine LCD for glassless 3D playback, 12x optical zoom and even take 2D 7.1MP photos.

Full HD recording to great color reproduction, 2 levels of image stabilization, glasses-free 3D display, in-camera editing, and recording to HD AVCHD. The 64GB Internal Flash Memory will store over 5 hours of Full HD 3D video. As with all inbuilt mikes, the mic on this Sony HDR-TD10 falls short and you will not regret using an external mic.

The Sony HDR-TD10 Prosumer 3D camcorder sells for around $1300, but if you can live without 3D, the same camcorder in 2d sold as the HDR-CX560V will save you $500.

Sony HDR-TD10 3D Technical Details

World's first 10x optical zoom in 3D (consumer camcorder)

Xtra Fine 3D LCD touch panel with TruBlack technology

7.1 megapixels (2D still image)

3D HD:2x 1920x1080/50i

Optical Zoom: 10x(3D)/12x(2D)

Panasonic HDC-Z10000 Twin Lens 2D/3D Camcorder

Panasonic HDC-Z10000 Twin Lens 2D/3D Camcorder

Panasonic HDC-Z10000 Twin Lens 2D/3D Camcorder Review

Panasonic have quite a few camcorders which are capable of recording in 3D such as are found in the 800 and 900 series, but most of these need to be fitted with a 3D lens which will set you back another $250. This new Panasonic video camera HDC-Z10000 has the Panasonic 3d lens as an integral part of the camcorder.

In these 3D camcorder reviews, we find the Panasonic HDC-Z10000 to have an impressive image stabilizer, a very useful MIX VIEW to accurately fix the convergence point between 2D and 3D and a very good 5.1 sound recording to compliment the AVCHD Progressive-Compliant 1080 60p video recording to return professional quality Full HD 2D and Full HD 3D images in good lighting conditions, but despite having double 3MOS sensors, recording in low light conditions disappointed.

I must declare my former preferences to the Panasonic brand, but this new Panasonic video camera HDC-Z10000 was also a disappointment in other areas:

The new design of screen has to be pulled out of the body and flipped up to view, the mains power connection is behind the battery so you cannot have mains connected with the battery in place for a quick changeover, the standard battery life is short at just over 60 minutes with expensive spare batteries, and the lens cap is removable rather than being built into the lens. I also think the pricing will hurt sales of this HDC-Z10000, because at nearly $3500 it’s well over double the cost of the previous camcorders in these 3D camcorder reviews.

Technical Details

Professional-Quality Full HD 2D and Full HD 3D Images.

Double High-Sensitivity 3MOS sensors.

Crystal Engine Pro II Chip for Enhanced Resolution and Noise Reduction.

Bright, High-Performance f/1.5 Lens with Nano Surface Coating.

AVCHD Progressive-Compliant 1080 60p Recording.

Would you buy one of these 3D camcorders?

Which of these 3D twin lens camcorders would you buy?

  • JVC GS-TD1 3D Twin Lens
  • Sony HDR-TD10
  • Panasonic HDC-Z10000
  • Sony HDR-CX560V which is a 2D version of Sony HDR-TD10
  • Would you never buy a 3D camcorder
See results without voting

You may know that the BIG 4 brands include Canon and wonder why they are not included here. The simple answer is that they have not joined in with the 3D wave with camcorders and look unlikely to do so, because despite introducing new camcorder models at the 2012 Las Vegas CES Show with 3 new entry-level Vixia HF R-series and three compact Vixia HF M-series models, none of these are 3D camcorders.

So that’s my 3D camcorder reviews of the top 3 twin lens 3D Full HD Prosumer video cameras taking a look at the JVCGS-TD1 3D Twin Lens Prosumer Full HD Camcorder, the Sony HDR-TD10 Prosumer 3D camcorder and the Panasonic HDC-Z10000 Twin Lens 2D/3D Camcorder and my money is on the Sony HDR-TD10 twin lens. How about you?

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