Top 5 Affordable Touch Screen Computers

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Just recently I was in the market for a new computer as my old Dell was nearing the end of its life span.

Starting out I really wasn't looking for a touch screen in particular but did want to get an all in one pc. I use a Sanyo all in one at work and really like it, of course that particular model is a couple of years old now so it couldn't be found anywhere.

I tend to do quite a bit of research before buying a new product, after all nobody wants to get stuck with an inferior product. Money certainly doesn't grow on trees and most people just can't throw away their hard earned cash.

So after quite a bit of time and research what I ended up with is an All In One Touch Screen with a wireless mouse and keyboard. This was quite a step up from my worn out old Dell that was barely running by this time. But I have to say that I couldn't be happier with the new computer and hopefully you'll find something here on this article that you'll also like.


top 5 affordable touch screen computers
top 5 affordable touch screen computers

HP TouchSmart 600-1150 All- in- One PC

This gorgeous and sleek looking computer packs a lot of power into one compact computer with a very affordable price.

Computer is very easy to set up and works well for most home as well as office and entertainment use.

Computer comes with a 23" full HD 1080p LCD display and 4GB PC3-DDR3 of RAM.A wireless keyboard as well as mouse and a handy little remote to operate the media center. The operating system is Windows 7


Compaq Presario CQ1-1225

If you're looking for a good budget computer for basic tasks and everyday use this Compaq Presario makes a good choice.

It works well for everyday tasks and would make a good computer for a student or older person to surf the web and or do homework.


Acer AZ5600-U2092

This Acer makes a good home computer for most everyone and is powerful enough to handle most tasks from surfing the internet to gaming and entertainment purposes. Computer comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse as well as with Windows 7 pre-installed.


Gateway One All-in One PC

This elegant looking Gateway computer features a 20 " ultrabright display with multi-touch capabilities and a wireless mouse with keyboard.

All for under $800 this computer works well for most everyday tasks as well for movies, entertainment and gaming.


HP TouchSmart 300-1125 All-in-One PC

This powerful little HP is capable of almost anything you'll ask of it, from gaming to movies and surfing the web. The HP TouchSmart 300-1125 All-in-One PC can handle it all. Computer comes with a wireless mouse and keyboard as well as with Windows 7 pre-installed.



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