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Apple Iphone 4 Otterbox Defender Series Case
Apple Iphone 4 Otterbox Defender Series Case | Source

Many of us have dumped the home telephone for the celluar phone opposed to paying two phone bills. Since we invest so much in our celluar phones we want to protect them with the best possible case on the market today. Below is a review of the top three cell phone cases that offer the best protection.

#1 Otterbox

Otterbox has four series of cases. Defender Series, Reflex Series, Commuter Series, and Impact Series. Each of these cases offer superior protection for your cellular device with the Defender being the best. In my opinion Otterbox offers one of the best cases on the market today. You pay more for the case, but the quality of cases and access to controls is excellent.

#2 Seidio

Seidio offers the signature series products: Surface, Active, and the Convert. The surface case is excellent for normal wear and tear. The Active is designed for the person on go, it provides shock and impact absorption. The Convert cases offer two cases in one. A sleek case for everyday wear and tear and a heavy duty case for the rugged outdoors.

#3 Case-Mate

Case-Mate offers three protection levels for cases. Total protection, meduim, and light. All three levels of cases were designed to be impact resistant. The total protection offers the best protection but may be a little more bulky. The medium and light protections tend to be thinner and lighter. The Barely there case is one of Case-Mates popular cases.

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