Best Electronics, Gadgets, Tech Gifts 2012- 2014

This hub features our list of the top 10 best electronics of the year's 2012 to 2014. As you can imagine this was more than a little bit difficult to come up with because of all the new technology and gadgets that have come out this year.

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Between 3D viewing and gaming, new processors, cameras, tablets, and phones there were a lot of choices. Alas, we've made our choices so here we go, but don't forget to contribute to this article by leaving your feedback in our comment section below. The greatest thing about still having a few months to go in the year is that we have the ability to change our mind, so don't be afraid to voice your opinion!

Our Top Electronic Gadget of the year is the Motorola Xoom Android Tablet.
Our Top Electronic Gadget of the year is the Motorola Xoom Android Tablet.

Best Electronics of 2012, 2013, and 2014

Everyone can see that it's happening. The fight is on between TVs, streaming players, laptops, and computers to see who can come up with the best way to integrate all of your media devices in the most efficient way.

#1) Motorola Xoom Android Tablet

You might be surprised to know that the iPad2 isn't on the top of our list this year. Although its a fantastic device it's still just a better version of the iPad that many people have everywhere and the device many consumers are looking to is the Xoom from Motorola. This fantastic tablet has a 10.1 inch display and features the android 3.0 platform with Honeycomb which many users have come to prefer over Apple's iOS 4. It's laptop-like feel is a plus.

#2) Veebeam HD | Wireless PC to TV link | 1080p

If you don't have a media center for your TV yet (and I'm not talking about the wireless internet your TV comes with), then you don't know what you're missing. A media center allows you to have all of the same capabilities that you have with your computer on your TV. Consumers generally have done this in one of a couple ways in the past; a dedicated media center computer hooked on to your TV, a Streaming Media Center player (we'll feature the Roku below), or a loose HDMI cord that hooks into your laptop. Now it's easier than ever to hook and stream wirelessly anything from your laptop to your HDTV with the Veebeam. The Veebeam sits next to your TV and hooks directly into your TV through a HDMI cable.

#3) Panasonic DMP-BDT210 Integrated-Wi-Fi 3D Blu-ray DVD Player

If you have an older HDTV or if your TV didn't come with integrated wi-fi, then this new Blu-ray DVD player from Panasonic might just do the trick.  It allows you to stream videos from Netflix, Pandora and anything on Viera Cast.  You can even use it as your notebook to browse the internet.

The DMP-BDT210 is also fully 3D compatible so that you can watch your favorite 3D blu-rays.  For around $170 you can solve several of your media compatibility issues.

The New Nintendo 3DS provides portable gaming in 3d, without the need for glasses.
The New Nintendo 3DS provides portable gaming in 3d, without the need for glasses.

#4) Nintendo 3DS

One of the best electronics/gadgets that you'll come across this year is the new Nintendo 3DS which boasts 3D gaming without the need for glasses. Nintendo had failed in its experimentation with 3D in the past (virtual boy) and through that has learned enough to know how to use 3D technology.

The 3D play is more than impressive but for time weary eyes it also comes with an adjustable slider to allow you to increase/decrease the depth of the 3D or even turn it off altogether. The 3DS is also compatible with all of those old DS and DSi games which you can now play wirelessly with a friend up to 100 feet away!

#5) Nikon D3100 14.2MP Digital SLR Camera

The Nikon D3100 is the bestselling digital camera of the year. It features a Nikkor Zoom lens with 3x 18-55mm functionality. It also has an 11 point fast auto focus system that delivers crystal clear pictures. With the D3100 you even have the option of recording stunning video in Full 1080p format. The Active D-Lighting features allows you to restore picture enhancing detail in shadows and highlights as well. Bang for your buck you won't find as many features in another camera. Consumer reviews include photographers who can't believe how close this is to their professional cameras.

The Samsung UN55D8000 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D LED HDTV.
The Samsung UN55D8000 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D LED HDTV.

Cool Electronic Gifts for 2013

#6.) Samsung UN55D8000 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D LED HDTV

In this top electronics list we had to include one of the most stunningly beautiful HDTVs from both an aesthetic and picture perspective that we've ever seen, the Samsung UN55D8000. Aesthetically the UN55D8000 has a brushed .2 inch metal bezel that frames the TV. With it's quad stand it has very much of a minimalist appeal to it as well.

As far as performance the UN55D8000 is 3D capable, broadcasts in full 1080p, and has an incredible 240hz refresh rate with auto motion for blu-free TV viewing. If you're looking for that perfect 3d HDTV this year, than this is it.

#7.) Garmin nüvi 1450LMT 5-Inch GPS Navigator - Lifetime Map & Traffic Updates

Our top GPS has to be the 1450LMT which boasts both a 5 inch screen so that you can view more and lifetime map and traffic updates.

#8.) Roku XD Streaming Player

The Roku is our choice for streaming player over the Apple TV because it includes a USB port for personal and picture viewing. It's also been a consumer favorite since it came out.

#9.) Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad

The Rii isn't exactly new, but its still perfect for your dedicated media center computer. There's no longer a need for that full size wireless keyboard and mouse to control your media center, so ditch those and get a Rii. You'll love it.

#10.) Kindle

I'm sure you've heard about the Kindle before, but this 3rd generation device is better than ever before. Why carry those books around when you can read anything you want anytime you want to on a Kindle. With a 30 day battery life you don't even have to think about charging it most of the time. It's so long that astronauts have been known to take their Kindle in to space and come back with it still going!


We hope you've enjoyed this hub on the top 10 best electronics of 2013. If you'd like to see more top electronics of the year, then visit my hub on electronic gifts/gadgets which features the top 40 gifts of the year. You can support us by visiting our other product hubs and by leaving a comment below. As was mentioned in the preface the top 10 is a ever changing thing so be sure to stop by and leave your opinion so that we can potentially add and remove items as you see fit.

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I have my eye on Motorola Xoom Android Tablet with its dual-core processor and HD video.

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