Top Professional Headphones

The technology of audio headphones has significantly improved in the past years. A slew of excellent quality headphone products are currently available in the market at prices which are very much affordable. The following are a few of the best headphones which discerning customers prefer.


The Sennheiser HD-280 Professional headphone is a closed-ear, dynamic and light headphone that provides extended frequency. Usually, such headphones provide a natural and warm sound reproduction that is ideal in monitoring expert applications.

Their design is also ergonomic and offers additional padded earplugs thus providing comfort. Their attenuation is at 32dB making them perfectly suitable for live performances, noisy surroundings and DJ mixers.

The HD280 Pro provides a 1/8-inch cable connector as well as a 1/4-inch locking adapter. The product also comes with a two-year warranty. Essentially, it is designed to meet the professional demands of a music enthusiast. It also boasts of a solid construction as well as replaceable parts. It also possesses a low 64 ohms impedance and a 113dB high SPL range up to 1kHz/1Vrms.

Meanwhile, ATH-M30 of Audio-Technica is similarly light and comfortable. Its stereo headphones are dynamic and offers excellent clarity and accuracy. The product is solidly elegant and durable. Its 11 foot cord makes it flexible to use.

The MDR7506 by Sony is a diaphragm headphone specially created for specialized broadcasting and studio applications. These headphones are foldable and are safe and solidly constructed.

The Gemini DJX-03 professional on-ear headphones are similarly suitable for portable CDs, MP3 players and DJ monitoring. It also provides natural and clear tones as well as decent bass sound. Its headband is adjustable and its body is lightweight.   These headphones are great for people looking for pro DJ headphones.

The RH3C professional stereo headphone possess a frequency response within the 18 Hz range to 20kHz. They are similarly equipped with a 1/4" adaptor and 1/8 inch plug. It is essentially compatible with numerous audio devices.

If you're looking for a pair of professional headphones, this above list of models are all high quality, highly reviewed models.


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