Top Ten Gadgets to Die for in 2011

New gizmos usually bring thrilling anticipation, especially to technological savvies. Every year new gadgets are developed and introduced to the market. Avid clients eagerly await for the release of their favourite ‘toys’, especially the top ten gadgets to die for in 2011. Several manufacturers continue to develop their products in response to the ever growing demand from the market for revolutionalized devices.

This unofficial list of top ten gadgets in 2011 is based on different surveys and articles which are compiled together by experts. The ranking does not necessarily mean in order of importance and prominence. Not all these items are on the market but are expected to be released sometime within the year.

1. Blackberry Playbook

Research in Motion (RIM) gave us this tablet computer. It was released initially in the United States in April 2011 as of the first quarter of this year, estimated sales has reached $500,000.

2. Apple Ipad 2

The second generation of its series marketed by Apple. It is a very close rival of the Blackberry Playbook and is integrated with two powerful A5 chip cores.

3. Sony Playstation Phone

With code name Zeus, it has 8GB memory, 512 MB RAM with Android 3.0 and can be a worthy of competition from Apple Iphone series.

4. Motorolla Built Android Tablet

An extra powerful dual core processor and the revolutionary Android 3.1 speaks for itself.

5. Nintendo 3DS

With new Nintendo 3DS system, no 3D glasses is required. It is another step forward in portable gaming entertainment.

6. Apple Ipad 5

To date, this is the ultimate tablet to beat. It is the most recent model release in the market and yet received enormous acknowledgement from enthusiasts.

7. Samsung Galaxy 2

Boasts of dual core IGHz CPU and 427 inch 800 x 480 Super Amoled Plus display. 8. Google Nexus 3- considered the brightest prospect of smartphones, one of its exciting features is the holographic user interface.

9. Intel 2nd Generation Core Processors

With code name Sandy Bridge, it launches and brings in a total of 29 new processors, which includes super varieties of desk top Core i3, the Core i5 and the Core i7 models.

10. Kindle 3

Considered as the best eBook reader available in the market today. Compact in size, it is lighter and has improved screen contrast.

So take your pick, these exciting gadgets truly stir the imagination of the technological whiz kids. Each model released brings about highly innovative features which make the market look forward to it even more.

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Allana Calhoun profile image

Allana Calhoun 5 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

All awesome gadgets that I'd love to have! Course, I don't need half of them because of my Droid 2 which is like the Galaxy, a mini tablet, a handheld game, AND an e-book reader all in one. I'm surprised they haven't come out with a tablet that has a detachable phone - all-in-one gadget! :D Good article.

Jcapinit profile image

Jcapinit 5 years ago

and I'd like to put all of them on my Santa LIST!!! Cool stuff!! Thanks!

sasta10 profile image

sasta10 5 years ago from Manchester, UK Author

Just read the review on Droid 2, it's a sick (cool) phone, with slightly more angled curves rather than angular corners, the Droid 2 adds a bit of modern appeal to what is already a popular handset design to start with. Thanks for your comments Allan Callhoun and Jcapinit.

hafeezrm profile image

hafeezrm 5 years ago from Pakistan

This hub would help me to quote examples of obsolesence. So far I restricted it to white board, over-head projector, window air-conditioner - all those things which young students have seen gone in their life time.

Thanks for a good hub.

Stacie L profile image

Stacie L 5 years ago

Good review...I think it's too difficult to choose one-there are too many! LOL

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