Toshiba Laptop Charger

If you are looking to charge up your laptop then you need a charger that can provide you with optimum power so that you can work on it fast and efficiently again.  Sometimes old chargers can just die or start doing strange things like make beeping noises (yes that happened to a friend of mine).

Other issues that people report are things like the charger getting really hot when plugged in when it never used to, so for safety reasons they decide to get a new one. 

Toshiba Laptop Chargers are great as they instantly juice up your laptop and are one of the most popular chargers to buy.

They are inexpensive and can be used to power up your notebook quickly.  They are portable and you can charge your laptop from any electrical power socket.

But make sure you take into account the right wattage for your computer.  If you get one that has too low a wattage it won't charge it properly, but if you get one that is too high then you could be at risk of frying your system.  Yes you need to find the one that's just right - just like Goldilocks.

The most common Toshiba Laptop Chargers come in 45 Watt, 60 Watt, 120 Watt, 75 Watt, 240v and 90 Watt AC Adapter's.

Have a look at your current model to see what wattage it is.  It should be displayed on the unit or cord. 

So whether you are looking to buy a new charger because you want a spare or your puppy chewed through your old one it's always good to know where to get them.  The most common place to buy them online is eBay since they are usually cheap, but make sure you check the seller's feedback to make sure you are buying form a reputable seller.

Always check for a warranty and if there are any special conditions from the auction.


alekhouse profile image

alekhouse 7 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

Glad you wrote this hub, Traceye. I have a Toshiba laptop and my charger is 240V. It does get warm, but everyone I've talked to about it says it's supposed to. Anyhow, I've had no problems with it.

The problem I did have was with the internal charger. It died on me after two years. I thought it was supposed to last longer than that. In addition, my machine started acting up and fading to black all the time. After getting more memory installed and a new internal charger, it's now working just great.

However, my Dell desktop stopped working, right after I had my Toshiba fixed. Bummer!

traceye profile image

traceye 7 years ago from Australia Author

LOL - If it isn't one thing it's another. Ahh computer's are so much fun arn't they?



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