TracFone LG 420G

TracFone LG 420G
TracFone LG 420G

Just recently I bought my wife a TracFone LG 420G for her birthday. She has been using a Nokia 1112, which is a nice little cell phone. The Nokia though is getting out of date and some what plain.

We like using TracFone cell phones and service, because it’s inexpensive, convenient and reliable. At least that’s what our experience has been.

If you’re not familiar with TracFone it’s a “pay as you go” cell phone service. Unlike other types of cell phone service where you are charged on monthly usage via monthly plans. With Tracfone you purchase your minutes as needed in minute increments of 60, 120, 240 and so on. I think it goes as high as 1,000 minutes. The price will vary according to the amount of minutes you purchase. There is also an automatic monthly plan, but you don’t have to buy it in order to use the service.

Any way the wife and I have been talking about upgrading our phones to newer models and we have been checking out the LG 420G for several weeks. The reviews seem to be pretty good and the price was also right. For around twenty bucks at Wally World (Wal-Mart) she could get the upgrade that she wanted. Yeah, I know twenty bucks, big spender I am! But hey, that’s what she wanted.

TracFone LG 420G:

The TracFone LG 420G is a sleek looking flip phone. Flip phone meaning the front cover “flips” open for usage. This is a nice feature, because it protects the keypad and menu screen.

The LG 420G features:

  • A VGA camera for taking and sending photos. Not super high quality, but nice.
  • Voice mail, free caller ID and call waiting
  • Bluetooth® Wireless capability
  • Mobile web surfing access
  • Speaker phone
  • Plus a lot more!

Another nice feature is that every time we purchase minutes TracFone will double them at no extra charge for the life of the phone!

At the moment the only thing we haven’t been to thrilled about has been the users manual. It is a little difficult to understand some of the options and how to implement them.

So being the web surfer, aahhh I mean researcher that I am I found this nice web site that has an interactive tutorial on the LG 420G. Just click on this link to check it out. TracFone Tutorials:

The site seems to work best in Internet Explorer 7 or higher or Mozilla Firefox browser.

As time goes on and she uses the phone more I’ll give you an update!

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Mourise 5 years ago

This is a steal. I bought this phone a while back and really think that it is wonderful. The phone has great battery life and seems to work well in different areas. Also form what i understand i do not have a contract so i can get out at any time which is nice as well.

Deron profile image

Deron 5 years ago Author

Thanks Mourise! I just received one for Christmas and I love it. I used the website I mentioned above to get familiar with the different options, but now its very easy to navigate.

Michel Richard 4 years ago

How too send a photo from my tracfone l g 420 to my computer??

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