Tracfone Prepaid Phone Review - Pros, Cons and what existing customers say

Some of the better looking models in Tracfone - Price $9.99-59.99
Some of the better looking models in Tracfone - Price $9.99-59.99

Tracfone Evaluation Criteria

Here are the criteria used for the evaluation process,

  1. Price / Value
  2. Features
  3. Coverage
  4. Existing Customer Feedback
  5. Customer Service
  6. Website and How they clearly state all of the information/Terms of Service

Based on the above six criteria, the prepaid service is given a star value. The higher the star value the better.

They are one of the no contract prepaid phone service. Both NET10 and Tracfone are a subsidery of America Movil that has more customers than AT & T and Verizon combined. They have airtime over most national and rural cellular networks in the US, so offer fantastic coverage.

Pros of Tracfone

1. Prepaid service - no contract, no bills, no overages
2. Buy minutes in blocks or
3. Buy cheap monthly plans starting from 9.99
4. Cheap phones available from $10

Cons of Tracfone

1. You have to buy a Tracfone phone and use a Tracfone phone only with their service.
2. They only have 15 phones that lack many of the fancy features and look that you might find in other providers.
3. All of the Tracfone phones come packaged with a SIM card. The phone and SIM card are locked to each other at the hardware level.
4. No fancy stuff email, internet browsing, 3G.
5. Customer Service is the worst of all. Existing user are furious about the customer service and ask you to not take up Tracfone at all.
6. There is no way you can track online what calls you made or minutes you spent.
7. If you do not extend with new air time card at the end of previous airtime card expiry date all minutes bought forward become void.
8. There is something fishy about their website no direct link to FAQ, or page detailing call rates.

What existing customers say about Tracfone

I had to call back a 2nd time about 30 minutes after the first time because the first person I spoke to was so rude and abrasive. Now you want a faxed copy of the 60 minute card that came with the W376 refurb bundle I purchased my Mom last month - June 09

It just says when the service end date arrives if you do not add another airtime card AT THAT TIME then your phone will be discontinued. however, that is not what happened here.
Tracfone is too expensive and doesn't honor it's contracts. Customers need to think twice before using this company. - June 09

I was unfortunate enough to connect to an Agent outside the US (India I'm guessing) the call was inordiately long, everything they say gets repeated 3 times, they don't understand American English - June 09

Pray that you will never need TracFone customer service

2/5 stars for Tracfone
2/5 stars for Tracfone


The Tracfone plans seems to be pretty straight forward. They are missing three stars because of a customer service that seems non existent. They seem to have a very bad reputation for customer service. They also have very few selection of models.


The author of this review does not hold shares of Tracfone nor works for the company. This review has not been paid for by Tracfone. The information in this hub should serve only as a guidance and no liability is taken for decisions made upon reading this hub. The reader is advised to review the Trafone website before you buy.

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Comments 10 comments

Barbara 6 years ago

I could not be happier with my Tracfone and it has the best "no contract" option ever. I've been with Tracfone for more than 8 years. 100% so far, BUT

The costomer service rates about 2%. Not because of the representatives, but the 'script' (the constant asking "can you hold?", "thank you for holdin?" etc. etc.)

If they could use all that time taking care of the problem or complaints, the length of the call time could be cut in half

The representatives are incredably polite and if there is a language barrier it is usually resolved by my wording myself differently.

The "script" they are REQUIRED to say at the end of the call is very annoying, especially when the call has taken so much time to complete.

The major problem with "customer service" it is NOT the representatives, it is the 'script' they MUST follow.

Someone should (please) let these people do their job, they are good at it. This 'scripting' is annoying and pointless.

ProductReviewer profile image

ProductReviewer 6 years ago from US of A Author

hi Barbara, Every one I know who has a Tracfone is very happy with it except when it comes to customer service. Script or no script as a customer it is annoying when you have to wait to even have your simple questions answered. Sometimes jobs are complicated by adding business process around them. What they do not realize is that at the end of the day your objective is to sell the product and keep your customer happy but instead these processes are in fact making it hard on us, the users. Thanks for commenting.

Dave 6 years ago

Tracfone is the best service provider out there! I should no. Me my wife and both of children all use tracfone and constantly rave about the service. For my children tracfone works really well as it is sometimes hard to reach them after school.

ProductReviewer profile image

ProductReviewer 6 years ago from US of A Author

Thanks Dave for giving us your view on Tracfone.

Dave 6 years ago

no problem

Cara 6 years ago

TracFone is working out great for us. We have the family plan. Can't believe all 4 of us each have a reliable cell phone just $30 a month!

Walt 6 years ago

Tracfone has exceptional service. I personally would not fathom choosing another provider as tracfone offers double minutes for life. I would love to find something better than that although i know the idea is entirely unlikely.

malcolm 6 years ago

Walt, i doubt you will find any service that compares to tracfone in price. With tracfone on my team i am saving a lot of dough, so i know first hand that tracfone is a real winner.

Sambody 6 years ago

You can pick up really good TracFones offers which is so affordable to maintain i.e. $45.00 for unlimited would be my preference.

Phred 2 years ago

Tracfone is one of the worst phones around. All my friends have other phones and plans and they have nothing like the trouble I have with my Tracfone phone and the customer service. NEVER AGAIN!

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