How to Track your Ipod, Iphone or Ipad with No Wifi, No Gps and No Battery Power

This is a simple tech trick that will allow you to track your Apple device even if it does not have battery power, wifi, or gps signal.

We all know Apple is not quite helpful when it comes to a lost or stole product. They act as a complaint department and nothing more while you are fustrated and down right angry. This trick will help you skip the middleman and always have a location on your product.

Unfortunately, if you have already lost your device there is not much you can do without an app installed. This is a precaution.

The Trick

The technology is an rfid gps sticker. It looks almost like the anti theft stickers that you see on products you buy in stores. These stickers come in all shapes and sizes. Buy a few and place them over the Apple logo on the back of all your apple products. Then take a razor blade or exacto-knife and cut the sticker into the shape of the logo. Try to be as exact as possible when cutting so a theif or lucky finder doesn't want to remove it.

The Track

Purchase a handheld RFID GPS Scanner/Tracker. They go for about $150. Scan all of your RFID stickers into the handheld tracker and you will never again lose a valuable piece of property again. I have one on the inside cover of my cell phones, my laptops, my car, my keys and my cats collar. It is the best way to keep track of your belongings.

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stephen 3 years ago

Can you point me in the direction on where to buy a the tracker and stickers.

TheLip 3 years ago

This is like half a story , telling about how cool it is but not how to do it.

where do you get RFID stickers ?

how does the technology work, no explanation of how mt RFID stickered iPhone is across the county and how the handheld RFID GPS Scanner/Tracker will show me where it is.

where do I get one and which works best for this type tracking.

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