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Tips for Writting Better Articles

You can get more readers by using frequent blog posts, but its better to post relevant information to keep them coming back.
You can get more readers by using frequent blog posts, but its better to post relevant information to keep them coming back. | Source

Getting readers is the point of blogging.

Writing a blog on a regular basis takes discipline and a committed attitude. Posting regularly is a good thing. Posting too much and posting irrelevant or repetitive material is a waste of time for the reader and you’re likely to lose some of them. Try your best to post informative and new information instead of using using useless filler that readers recognize as a waste of their time.

Tip #1 - Content

How is this done? Use easy navigation tools, for starters. Yes, your blog will need to be relevant, but the readers must also be able to find it without much searching. It should be in an obvious place and easy to get to. Don’t overload the page with excessive graphics and items that cause the page to load too slowly. The average reader will be gone before they ever see your blog entry. Widgets and badges are acceptable in moderation and only if they are organized not to interfere with the ease of navigation on your page.

Tip #2 - Grammer

Use superlative descriptions sparingly, but effectively. Descriptive words draw readers’ attention, but if you use the same ones to describe each of your posts or items, your readers will soon become bored and stop paying attention to them. In other words, talk about your amazing new product, but don’t call your next new product amazing next week. Use a different word.

Tip #3 - Affiliate Ads

Affiliate ads help to make you more money. Remember who your page is really for. If it’s designed for your readers, limit the affiliate advertisements to your most effective and profitable ones. Look at it as though you were reading someone else’s page. Too many ads are annoying, especially when they keep popping up in boxes when they try to read your posts. Be honest with your readers and don’t trick them into clicking on your affiliate links. That’s a real trust breaker.

Tip #4 - Subject

Make your posts count by writing about one subject at a time. Trying to pack several points into each blog post gives readers too much to digest. Write a good pointed post that covers one topic and stay on the topic. Readers will get more from those type posts than if you fire out everything you know in one post.

Tip #5 - Keep it Interesting

Don’t post junk just to get an update with Google. That’s good to shoot for, but get an update that really says something, not just filler that’s posted to boost your numbers. You want loyal and interested readers for best results.

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