Tweet Along with Stephen Fry | Why Twits Twitter and Tweet!

What Are You Doing?

The prime reason to Tweet is to answer the question “What Are You Doing?” so you can let people (your friends and any other Tom Dick or Harry with a Twitter account) know your status, where you are and even (perhaps) what mood you're in. Thanks to Twitter, that’s why you hear less people say “I’m on the train” nowadays. Twitter is also why these people start texting as soon as they get onboard instead.

Other common Tweets from people who Tweet from their Mobile Phones (Cell Phones) are:

“I’m on the throne/toilet/bog”

Some people go into more details about their motions and stools and other bodily functions which allow the use of the hands whilst being accomplished. For polite examples:

“I’m in the middle of a #2”


"Just finished making love with that man/woman I Tweeted about 5 minutes ago"

TIP: Always wash you hands after using someone else’s cell phone (mobile phone).

What's Really Going on with Twittering Tweets?

If you follow some trending topics you'll soon see what really is going on with Tweets. Some people (mentioning no names) are Tweeting to cynically drive traffic to their articles! I know, like you, I was outraged! How cynical is that! I’m sure this was not what Twitter was invented for. Nevertheless, some User Developed Content Sites (mentioning no names) even encourage this use of poor, innocent, Twitter. For example, CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE


Do not Tweet continually or you will be banned but once an hour with an on trend Tweet and a link to one of your articles can have an excellent effect, particularly if the article has merit and is written extremely well. For instance see my article WOBBLE YOUR FAT AWAY

Being Like Stephen Fry - More Reasons to Tweet include:

Tweeting makes people feel good/less inadequate/superior (lke Stephen Fry for instance). These reasons are sad but just as valid as driving traffic to my article WOBBLE YOUR FAT AWAY see link above...

Some people Tweet to prove they're just one of the gang, like Stephen Fry for instance. Some to prove they know more than everybody, like Stephen Fry for instance. Some to prove they are important to the cultural landscape of the UK and the rest of the world, like Stephen Fry for instance. Some people use tweet to pretend they've a life, these people include Stephen Fry ...for instance.

Some people Tweet for one of two reasons:

1 For mischief (Wilma Proops for instance)

2 Because they are drunk (Wilma Proops) for instance - they're my favourite raesons to TWEET

The Saddest Reason to Tweet!

Of all the reasons to Tweet, looking for love is the saddest reason. In fact it is so sad it is funny. All such people seem to attract are (judging by their Twit photos) those who sell certain services. These people use Twitter like an online Telephone Box in Soho - if you get my meaning!

BEWARE The Tweets of Dangerous Twittering Twits

Some people are followers only and they are there to stalk Twits. I’m not mentioning this to put you off but, in the words borrowed partly from NYPD Blue:

  • be careful out there in TwitLand!


Should you wish to take issue with this article you are welcome to chip in with your own theories as to why people become Twits and/or criticise it. You will not be charged for doing so Wilma Proops positively encourages all sorts of discourse - even from the likes of Stephen Fry (for instance)

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ColoradoMathguy profile image

ColoradoMathguy 7 years ago from Longmont, Colorado

Not bad reasons to tweet. I use Twitter in my classroom to supplement classroom instruction.

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