How to Increase Your Twitter Followers

Increase your Twitter followers by integrating interactive Twitter buttons into your website or blog.

So you are on Twitter. You uploaded your best profile photo or that of your blog, website or company's logo. You even spent some time tweaking your profile's background so that it will reflect what you and your business is all about. You started tweeting about a lot of stuff like new posts on your blog, upcoming products on your online store, the breakfast you had at the airport cafeteria, the movie you just watched with your fiancee, etc., etc.. You began following fellow Twitter users who share whatever interests you have in common. These users also started following you back. You kept doing these activities for some time and you watched as your followers grow.

But then you started to realize that you are spending too much time tweeting but the growth of your followers doesn't seem to justify those hours and hours you spent tweeting. You began asking yourself "are all these hours I'm spending on Twitter worth it? Is it helping my business or my brand?"

Ask any internet marketer and he/she will tell you that Twitter is a great marketing tool. That is of course if you know how to build and grow your followers. 10 Twitter followers won't bring you or your business anywhere. But imagine if you have thousands of users following you. This means every time you tweet, thousands of people receive your tweet. This further means exposure and attention towards whatever it is you tweeted about.

If you own a website or a blog, it is very important that you connect it with your Twitter profile. This is a good way to capture your readers and keep them connected to your blog or website. The best way for you to do this is place a Twitter button or buttons on your site that leads to your Twitter profile. There are a lot of Twitter button/buttons providers out there. Twitter itself has a few buttons that they want you to use.

Here's what this article is for. I found a website that has a plethora of Twitter button/s that you can choose from. What's great about this is that you can use the buttons for free and there is no need for you to sign up or anything. All you have to do is give your Twitter user name and the site will generate the code which you will then embed on your blog or website. They have static Twitter buttons as well as Flash and animated Twitter buttons. There's a lot of choices.

Go to TwitterFlash to get your own Twitter button. Sample buttons are pictured below.

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