Twitter Can Make You Money

Tweet Your Way to Adsense Revenue

I have recently been experimenting with twitterfeed.  I have to tell you, it's amazing.  You set it up to connect to your blogs.  I have it on only my blogspot blogs right now.  Every hour it checks for a new blog post, then it posts it with a snippet of the post on the twitter account that you specify.  It only does this once, no repeats of the same post.  I have two twitter accounts, one for politics, and one for everyday life, I also have two twitterfeed accounts.  The appropriate blogs post to the appropriate twitter accounts.

I don't have to worry about forgetting to market the posts, they just go up automatically.  Twitter has easily gotten me twice the traffic of any other marketing system, including digg and stumble upon.    Also, you can post a website in your profile, if people look at your profile they can click on your site and go to it.  I have gotten a fair amount of traffic from this as well. 

Like anything else, twitter takes work.  You have to develop a base of friends or associates.  You can search to find people who are interested in the same things as you.  I write a blog about missing kids.  I have found a lot of people through searches that are also interested in this and friended them.  Most of them have friended me in return, we talk via tweeting about various cases.  When I post a link they are interested in what I have to say on my blog.  This has created a lot of traffic and a lot of repeat traffic from truly interested visitors. 

All of this increased traffic has led to increased adsense revenue and loyal vistors.   You have to learn how to use Twitter and how to gain friends.  One major thing to remember is that nobody really wants their twitter account clogged up with someone they don't know who only posts links.  Add some content, connect with people, become known as someone who is knowledgeable, thought out, and above all, human.  Talk about things you are interested in.

On the right hand side of the the twitter page are trending topics, preceeded by the hash tag #.  These are good subjects to include in your posts because people do searches based on hash tags and may friend you based on this.  Twitter is not just for social networking, it's a great tool to promote your blogs and make you money.

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