Twitter Hashtags Lists

Twitter Hashtags Lists

What is a Twitter Hashtag? A hashtag is one of these thingys #. To make a hashtag all you have to do is put a # in front of a word or an abbreviation. Like this example: #thingy.

Some popular Twitter hashtags are #ff, for instance. This hashtag #ff means "#followfriday" but its been abbreviated. But you can use either one or both.

Twitter hashtags are used by Twitter users in their tweets. When they tweet something they will include these hashtags as a way of sub-categorizing their messages or tweets. A tweet message, with a hashtag, shows up on a hashtag search, along with anyone's tweet message that has used that particular hashtag.

Sometimes Twitter users will string together many words to make a hashtag and they can become very popular or "trendy". For instance here are some examples: #youneedtorealize #oneofthesedays.

Twitter users will incorporate their messages with these hashtags. For example: I hope I become rich and famous #oneofthesedays.

You can even put two or three trending hashtags together, like in this example:#youneedtorealize #oneofthesedays that more than likely you won't become rich and famous, like #justinbeiber

Get the idea? If you are on Tweeter you can click on those particular hashtags and see what others have tweeted using those same hashtags. Using hashtags are a great way to get more Twitter followers too!

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