Making Money With Twitter: Get MEGA Followers!

Who Knew Twitter Could Be Like This

A few years back I scoffed at Twitter. Did you? I used to look at it as a juvenile site where a kid could blurb about ridonkulously mundane crap. What color nail polish are you wearing today? Tweet it. Your mom dragged out of bed to go to church? Oh, yeah, gotta' Tweet that!

I ignored Twitter for a lot of years. I avoided it like the plague. I preferred Facebook. I liked have a little homepage and dashboard. But, heck, I wasn't trying to promote anything at the time either. I was just keeping in touch and re-establishing contact with some old friends from high school.

Now, though, something has happened to me. I still use Facebook for the same things. "Hi mom." "Hey, what's up, Dave?" "Check out this goofy YouTube video." It's my truly social media outlet.

Twitter has changed my idea of internet marketing/promotion. You know the best thing I like about Twitter? None of my Facebook friends followed me. Oh, they're there. I'm sure they are. I don't seek them out though and they don't look me for either. You know why?

I've found that More people use it to push their blogs, market a product, or advertise a business than for the ridonkulous. And you know what? They're making money with Twitter. In some cases...big money.

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The Secret Is In The Followers

How many followers you have on your Twitter account will directly impact the kind of response you get to your tweets. Personally, I find that I get about 10% click-thru on my Tweets ( for each account...I have 2) from early afternoon to about 9 PM. Between 9 PM and 1AM the percentage actually goes up and I am at around 23%. All other times the click-thru is more like 5-7%.

How long do you think that it took me to get that many Twitter followers? Not as long as you may think, actually.

There are 3 keys to getting followers on Twitter:

  1. Your Account MUST Tweet Regularly
  2. You must have a targeted audience whose interests mirror your Tweet topics
  3. You have to interact with your Twitter followers!

Being Active In Your Account

You need to Tweet regularly. Picture it like this, your Twitter account is a home. If you're having a party no one will come over unless they are;

  1. Invited
  2. When they're get there needs to be someone home..

Your "party" is a "coming out" party. Every time you tweet a link back to your latest blog post or an affiliate link of something you're trying to promote. But, there's a catch. If you every time you call your friends (followers, in the case of Twitter) you're asking them to bring to something or pay for something at the party then eventually they're gonna' get bored and tired of your parties. It's going to be too expensive.

You're going to have to offer something of value as well. Sending out regular tweets that contain valuable and interesting information that you're friends/followers can gain knowledge or enjoyment from FOR FREE is key. One of the number one rules of sales is "Don't Always Ask People For Stuff. You Gotta' Give, Too!".

So, you're solution is to regularly send out tweets with links to reviews of the products that you're selling, or the "top ten lists" of topics in your niche or market. But doing all that could be a job in itself. That's where Twitter automation comes into play.

With places like SocialOomph you can program a whole bunch of Tweets to go out at different times throughout the entire day. I use SocialOomph and it is a great program. Here's what I do.

How I Use SocialOomph For Twitter Automation To Promote My Blogs

I have three main blogs: One for Work At Home Dads, a second for Tweeting Parents and a Healthy Living Diet. I have two Twitter accounts. @bloggingdudes and @tweetingparents. These are the accounts I hit daily. I figure Healthy Living is of interest to anyone who doesn't wanna' die young so I hit both accounts with information relevant to that blog.

  • I gather 10 fresh, internet blog posts/articles on Twitter and Blogging
  • I gather my most recent 3 posts from each of my blogs
  • I program SocialOomph to tweet one of those every three hours.

So, that means that about a third of my Tweets direct my followers back to my blog. I don't even sell anything in the Tweets. I just push them to those three blogs. My hope here is that that they will subscribe or bookmark my pages. This helps with backlinks and traffic. Also, I have Adsense on my blogs. I have tried to set the ads up so that when people are done with my blog they "click out" by banging on an ad. I also try to talk about the services provided by my the advertisements on my blog, i.e. SocialOomph.

Another great thing about SocialOomph is that you can ensure that people know you are in your account by sending direct replies to anyone who follows you. Something like, "Hey thanks for the follow. You can find me at!"

A Targeted Audience Of Followers

It's always easier to "sell" something or engage someone in discussion when they are actually interested in what you have or are saying. For that reason, you should be careful when adding followers to your account. There are a couple of tools that I use for targeting my followers to m niche.

Tweet Attacks

Is a program that allows you to mass follow other people's followers. In other words, if you are an herbalist blogger you do a little research and find another herbalist expert on Twitter with a lot of followers. (Trust, there's one out there!)

With Tweet Attacks you can set the program to follow a set number. Be careful not to do more than 500 in any day (that's any combination of 500-follow, or unfollow!) or you could get banned from Twitter.

After two days, you can program the software to unfollow who ever hasn't followed you back. It's pretty neat-o! The best thing about it is that once you start the program you can minimize and go write or take a bath! It does it all for you. A second warning about the 500 rule. Don't do it and if you do then don't say I didn't warn you.


Twiends is another cool way to get more friends with targeted interests. When you follow people you get seeds. When they follow you they get your seeds. And the cycle goes on! You choose who to follow but not who follows you. As long as you have surplus of seeds you can get friends regularly. Don't forget the 500 rule!

Disclosure: IAW new FTC rules and regulations I must state that I am an affiliate of both SocialOomph and Tweet Attacks. C'mon...a guy has gotta' live!

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HennieN profile image

HennieN 5 years ago from South Africa

Brilliant hub. I believe I am in the same boat as you was in. I have a party with no people attending.

Thanks for the ideas. Now I have a plan going forward.

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