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Which is Best; Facebook or Twitter?

Most people these days are using both. There is a distinct difference between the two, however, when it comes to getting down to business. Facebook is more personal, while Twitter can broadcast you to a vast world of contacts.

The crossover between the two is quite common. There are even apps for that. The fact is, on Twitter you can follow someone, a business, or anyone who might be of interest. They don’t have to follow you, though. It can be one way communication valve. You can follow a business or a guru that you use as a sort of mentor without them having to ‘friend’ or follow you. You can access information that is put out there complete with up to date links and the latest developments. It’s rather chaotic at times, so if you intend to use it, learn all about it first.

Get a personal twitter account and try it out first before throwing yourself out there professionally. Be careful what you say, as the whole world can hear you and you can’t take it back if you change your opinion or wish you hadn’t said it. Twitter can help you to go viral in a short time with features like ‘follow Friday’ where Twitter users can promote those that they think others would like to follow.

Facebook is a two way communication. You can’t ‘friend’ someone and follow their activities without them having the same privilege with your feeds. On the other side of the coin, your Facebook friends’ activities will show up on your feeds, so you must be cautious about who you ‘friend’ if you intend to use the page to promote your business.

A fan page, which is no longer called ‘fan page,’ is a good option for business. People can sign up as your ‘likes’ and your page will only reflect what those people write directly on your fan page wall as long as you want to allow comments. Their other activity outside of your fan page won’t stream across your business communication in a two way manner like it would if you used a regular personal page designed for friends and family.

There are good uses for both Twitter and Facebook as long as you are fully aware of what each of them will do for you. Using Twitter and a Facebook business page with the two linked together will get you well on your way to being a virally known business force.

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ShaamCA 4 years ago from India

Twitter is the right choice to get reach people at any time.

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