Twitter Traffic better than Google? My Hubpages

The Kung-Fu Master Reveals! Twitter Versus Google

Hello Everyone!

Well, first of all, I have to say...THANKS TWITTER, for beating the Google Traffic to my hubs!

There's no doubt in my mind that Google is by far the heftiest traffic driver around. And in the world of hubpages, it probably ranks within the top five of your "Traffic Sources;" well, for me anyways. However, that all ended today!

Personally, I've never used social networking sites or any micro-blogging platform to market myself, or my ideas; and always sought after the traditional methods of face-to-face, kung-fu style marketing. So, a couple of days ago, I decided to unleash my hubs one of these sites to experiment on traffic generation and another traffic driver. The lucky candidate here was Twitter – “a service for friends.”

I didn’t expect anything out of this experiment, and based on my lack of technical skills, I didn’t think I would reach more than a couple of Tweeples on Twitter. But to my amazement, Twitter went into a traffic generating frenzy mode and SUPER KUNG-FU to the MAXXXX!

Twitter: What's it For?

What’s the purpose of Twitter you ask?

  • Here you go! Have a read of Why Twitter, or, How – to stay “hyper-connected” to friends and your tweeples.

Why did I choose Twitter?

  • You can provide your peeps with short updates about yourself, or anything, as fast as humanly or technologically, possible. And they can “retweet” your updates to their friends as well. So who knows how far the rabbit hole goes! Right?

(Note to self: TWITTER IS NOT FOR SPAMMING! Twitter is not for spamming!)

Also, considering Twitter's blast of popularity, there are many FREE tools available to the public that can increase an automated style of productivity. Tools such as TweetLater (I'll delve into this in a bit).

Now Down to the Twitty Gritty!

I have two Twitter accounts, 1 for friends, and 1 for anything else.

  1. If you don’t have a Twitter account, I suggest you jump onto the bandwagon to get started with your kung-fu style marketing HERE.
  2. Once you’ve done that, sign up for a FREE account at Tweet Later is a productivity tool for busy people. It basically allows you to configure multiple Twitter accounts onto one dashboard. Not only can you view the activities occurring on your Twitter accounts, you can also, amongst a plethora of other features:
  • Autogenerate updates and messages
  • Autofollow followers
  • Autounfollow followers.

3. Once you’re on the main dashboard, click on “Accounts” and click “Add Account.” Here's what it should look like: Add Account

4. Once you’ve added your account you can view your “Listed” Accounts.

5. Then click on Tweets and include a title of your hub and your link to your hub with a URL tracker

  • (Be CREATIVE, I’ve created a homemade URL Tracker specifically for my Twitter updates, which is _twitterize).
  • (Note to self: To find out how to set up a URL tracker, “darkside” has a great hub about this, which you can read here – How Hub Page Tracking Works.


Notepad Example

Bulk Upload

But You Have So Many Hubs...

....and your kung-fu grip isn’t as tight as it use to be?

TweetLater has a "Bulk Upload" option for your Tweets!

This is what I did! (You can view my "bulk upload" procedure HERE, or, follow along below, or, do both - only if your kung-fu master skills are in SYNC)

6. Now, if you have a great number of hubs, go to your “My Account” page, highlight all of your hubs (including all of the other data, i.e. page views, etc.), and copy and paste them onto your favorite word processing software. I use Microsoft Word.

7. After that, extract all of the URLs to your hubs (from Microsoft Word) and copy and paste the URLs to a .txt document. I use notepad! (If you don’t know what notepad is, Google’s got that hefty kung-fu style search engine to help you out with that)

8. Then, in notepad, go to edit, replace, and find “/hub/” (without quotes) and replace all with your URL Tracker.

  • For example, I replace “/hub/” with “/_twitterize/hub/” (Make Sure all of the Characters are the right ones and properly placed)

9. Then get creative and include a title before the Hub link

Back to TweetLater

(we're almost there)

10. Go back to Tweetlater, click “Main” > “Tweets” > Upload

  • Here you’ll be able to “Bulk Upload” that text doc of all of your HUBS or Tweets.

11. Now that it's uploaded, all you need to do is schedule one tweet, and how ever many hours, days, weeks, or months, you will want Tweetlater to publish every hub in your .txt doc after your first published tweet.

  • (The list you uploaded should have all of your hubs (as in my example), TweetLater’s tweet scheduler will publish each hub, line by line, based on the first tweet’s schedule.

And then That’s IT! B-B-B-Boooooyaaahhhh!

Your written hubs, with their respective URL Trackers, are now automated and scheduled to tweet on your Twitter Account/s.

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Kidgas profile image

Kidgas 7 years ago from Indianapolis

Thanks for this info. I will have to look into Twitter and see if I can get any followers. I just bookmarked this hub so I can come back to it later when I get a Twitter account.

Christenstock profile image

Christenstock 7 years ago from Mililani, HI & Rye, NY Author

Hey no problem Kidgas! Let me know if you need any help!

dawei888 profile image

dawei888 7 years ago

Great Hub! I have a haleway decent following on my twitter but need to leverage it more to driving traffic! cheers! dawei888

popintervention profile image

popintervention 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA


wonderful lesson cause i had no idea how to tweet

Christenstock profile image

Christenstock 7 years ago from Mililani, HI & Rye, NY Author

Thanks all! Seriously, the traffic to my hubs nearly doubled because of Twitter.

mtaboga 5 years ago

Thanks for this sophisticated introduction to Twitter traffic generation.

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