Types of computer languages

As we human beings communicate with each others in different language such as Urdu, French, Punjabi and Arabic etc. Similarly to communicate with the computers we have to use specific languages and for this purpose hundreds of languages have been develop in which few of them has gained international reputation. C language is one of them,. Language can be categories broadly into three categories.

  • MACHINE LANGUAGE:  The most elementary and first type of computer, which was invented, was machine language. Machine language was machine dependent. A program written in machine language cannot be run on another type of computer without significant alterations. Machine language is some times also referred as the binary language i-e, the language of 0 and 1 where 0 stands for the absence of electric pulse and i stands for the presence of electric pulse. Very few computer programs are actually written in machine language.
  • ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE: As computer became more popular, it became quite apparent that machine language programming was simply too slow slow tedious for most programmers. Assembly languages are also called as low level language instead of using the  string of members programmers began using English like abbreviation to represent the elementary operation. The language provided an opportunity to the programmers to use English like words that were called MNEMONICS.

HIGH LEVEL LANGUAGE:  The assembly languages started using English like words,m but still it was difficult to learn these languages. High level languages are the computer language in which it is much easier to write a program than the low level language. A program written in high level language is just like gibing instruction to person in daily life. It was in 1957 that a high level language called FORTRAN was developed by IBM which was specially developed for scientist and engineers other high level languages are COBOL which is widely used for business data processing task.BASIC language which is developed for the beginners in general purpose programming language. you Can use C language for almost any programming task. PASCAL are other high level languages which has gained widespread acceptance.

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there is another one(computer language)it is fourth generation...

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The computer languages are three types:-

1) markup languages

2) programming languages

3) scriptive languages

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