UPG Marketing is a Scam. Do Not Buy From UPG Marketing

UPG Marketing Scam

UPG Marketing Scam
UPG Marketing Scam

Blog Marketing from UPG Marketing isn't worth it.

UPG Marketing is a scam.

I was first contacted by UPG marketing because they wanted to put me on the top of the search engines by finding 'targeted keywords' that you would be found at least in the top 5. They also offered me these services for the 'insanely' low price of 600 bucks. They offered a 105% guarantee that I'd be on the top 5 for the keywords that they 'researched'.

It sounded like a good sales pitch to the uneducated about Internet marketing. Do not buy into these folks, and I'll tell you why.

One of UPG marketing's techniques is to show you that through their efforts they were on the top of the search engines for the keyword 'UPG Marketing.' They also tell you that they are on top of about 33 million competing web pages. However, search engines sort keywords by 'relevancy' and not 'popularity'. If you had a website that was inundated with the keywords 'UPG marketing' then you'd find that a company that is NAMED UPG MARKETING is most relevant! So what?!

To illustrate this point you can type in the name of my website: Delivering Dignity. You'll notice that I am on the top of the search engines. However, I'm not optimizing for that keyword but I'm still able to be at the top. The reason why? Because my frigging website is named 'deliveringdignity'! It's actually not that hard to be relevant for a keyword you're named after. Inside my website I am trying to be on the top of search engines for other keywords and I'm fighting against other websites for those keywords. The reason why? It is because no one types in 'delivering dignity' and is looking for adult diapers. They are looking for the website itself.

Think of it this way. When you optimize for keywords, you want to find out what keywords people type in to either learn, or buy something. Not the name of a company. I promise you, UPG marketing had to do NOTHING to get at the top of the search engines for that keyword.

What they will try and do is tell you that they'll do the research to find keywords to put you at the top of search engines, especially Google. However, you don't have any say. What they will do is write a 'blog' that is optimized for a keyword that you want to point to your website. This is actually a good idea in the long run, plus you can do it for free.

This blog creates what is called a 3 way link. What they do is they post the content either on their website, or an article submission site optimized for your keyword. (They pay people from the Philippines to do this for about 2 bucks.) Once they have that article written, they put it on a blog THEY write (and get all of the revenue for it since they are in control of it) Then, on your blog you'll have links to your regular website. (If you look on any website with 'ads by Google' or 'Google ads' the owner of the website is paid for those clicks you make. If you look around on this page you'll see the same thing. If you click on those ads, I get paid like a nickel. This is in no way a request to click on those ads, but it is to illustrate the point.)

The final product you receive is a poor blog with affiliate links THEY make money off of and they are in the top 5 results in Google for a keyword NO ONE IS SEARCHING FOR! They convince you they've done a good job because they TELL you what to type in to find your blog/website. Remember how I told you to type in 'delivering dignity' to see what came up in the searches? Yeah, I did the same thing. Really, type in any string of words to see what pops up! I promise they're will be results! Being on top of those results doesn't matter because no one is typing in those words!

UPG Marketing is a scam. Do not EVER buy their products. You can do what I told you to do in here and you can be #1 for any keyword you optimize for. The only difference is whether or not people are typing in that keyword or not. Do not get suckered into them. They called me 5 times in the last 2 days to keep selling me. Do not accept this harassment. This is why I started this page to expose UPG Marketing. They harassed me even though I asked them to quit. Really, anyone can start a blog marketing company off of the skills these wack-jobs have.Oh, and it took me 10 minutes to be ranked on the first page of Google.

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SteveoMc profile image

SteveoMc 6 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

Insightful hub revealing what we all want to avoid. Thanks for sticking your neck out and helping your fellow hubbers.

BC 6 years ago

You have NO idea what you are talking about.

Of coarse your site is ranked #1 for that.

No how about if you typed in Adult Diapers??

Guess what you are not there.... Suprise, suprise.

It is whack job know it all people like yourself that have no clue.

If you want to be ranked for what people are actually typing into Google or Yahoo regarding your website than work with a company like UPG. Or just keep on not making money with your website!

WaffleCheese profile image

WaffleCheese 6 years ago Author

So, UPG marketing just tried to leave a comment on this. They posed as someone else. Their IP was and if you look it up on www.who.is you can see that it was from Scottsdale Arizona. Exactly where the company is based. Seriously UPG? Stop calling me.

The guy asked me if I owned addthis.com. haha, whadda dufus.

BC 6 years ago

Why not let the public make there own decision? Or are you upset that you spent 10,000 or so on a site that does not make you much money.... Again are you ranked for adult diapers? Are you ranked for birth control? No you are not.... Why? Because you don't know how.

WaffleCheese profile image

WaffleCheese 6 years ago Author

Guy tried contacting me again.... He accused me of not being on the top of Google for 'adult diapers' haha, he doesn't know my good keywords I'm optimizing for. He told me I spent 10 grand on a website. Nope. He also told me I made no money on it. Haha, he knows I told him I'm from 6-9 grand on the site a month.

By the way, UPG marketing-- you're optimizing for the keyword: 'Blog marketing'. Guess what, you're not there! Surprise, surprise. Why? Because you 'don't know how.'

I promise I'll answer all your attacks.

Non-offensiveUser 6 years ago

It sounds to me like this guy really doesn't have much of a company if he is spending his time bothering people that want nothing to do with him. Seriously, do you really think that if he had people paying him for his services that he would be wasting his time on this? Besides if his company was worth anything, do you think that he would be resorting to school yard I'm better than you type games? Just ignore him and he will get bored and move on to some sub-par porn site to spend his time on.

Billy Cwell 6 years ago

I was called by this company multiple times. I politely let them know I was not interested and the guy was very, very pushy and very rude. Told me my site was never going to be successful and tried to "Hardball" the sell. Called my multiple times even though I repeatedly told him I was not interested.

Spacey Gracey profile image

Spacey Gracey 6 years ago from Essex, UK

I think he means 'of course', not 'of coarse',...'now how', not 'no how'...'then work with', not 'than work with'... and finally 'surprise' not 'suprise'.

I wouldn't buy a marketing product off someone who attacks customers in comments boxes, and can't even spell in those attacks properly. Go Waffles.

ilmdamaily profile image

ilmdamaily 6 years ago from A forgotten corner of a dying empire. OK, it's Australia :-)

UPG Marketing is optimized for adult diapers.

Mainly 'cos they're full of sh*t.

thisisoli profile image

thisisoli 6 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!)

This hub is already third in Google for UPG Marketing lol.

However, seriously, I looked on their website, and judging by their lack of any real information on the site I would personally avoid it, and I occasionally hire companies such as this to promote my personal sites.

I would not choose this one.


First off, they claim blogging has been around since the creation of the Internet. As a person who was at the leading edge of Greymatter website production, which was pretty much the birth of blogging, I can verify that blogging has not been around for that long compared to the Internet.

Secondly, they provide no real detail on how they will market a website. I also only saw mention of real basic SEO techniques on their website, no guarantee ensuring links are not bought in bad neighborhoods, no link strategies explained, and nothing truely innovative, other than a surprisingly high cost of around $8000 for submitting your site to some feed readers, pinging your site, and of course somebody has to make the coffee.

TheWicklessCandle profile image

TheWicklessCandle 6 years ago from Provo, UT

Who does UPG marketing think they are?

Seriously? If they want to learn about marketing, they should first get their page rank over 0, their backlinks to more than 4, and actually get some traffic.

Classic, wafflecheese, I hope this hub convinces even just one of the suckers pick-pocketed by them.

Mr Dumass 6 years ago

I've worked for many home based biz opp companies,this one is the least scandaless of them all. Believe it or not.

By the way Don't do business if Paul Daley is assigned as your blogging mentor......he knows nothing and is a idiot!!!!!!

anonymous  6 years ago

I use to work for a company just like what your describing and yes you are 100% correct. It doesn't take any effort to type in for instants say my company name is mcdonald's target research the only way your really gonna find my website at the top is if you know the name of my company or the address. If you just type mcdonald's target your just gonna get couple different results either mcdonald's fast food or target.. aka tar-jay' is what I call it... you might find my page on page 1,000,004... lol completely agree with you thanks for your "blog/website" sorry for punctuation..

Bars Bricks Warmers 6 years ago

Well done hub.

Thank you for the info! I was investigating them to use as marketing help--- but, well, you convinced me.


Chupp22 profile image

Chupp22 6 years ago from Orem, Utah

So I was contacted by UPG...except they go by a different name now because when you search UPG marketing it says UPG scam as the second result! I had read this and did research because I thought they could have been the same marketing company and they were. =) Funny

Coppertop 6 years ago

Yup.UPG is a scam. They bugged the hell out of me for a few weeks and I finally agreed to use them. They were supposed to send info to me that I had requested many many times. They didn't every live up to what they said. I have seen no increase in sales at all and my traffic rank hasn't improved by their efforts but,by my own.

anne kelly 6 years ago

A friend, who is dieing of cancer and heavley medicated was pulled in by these disgusting people and lost a lot of money. she is so confused about what has happened. Now they call and tell her they will let her talk to someone who can help her but first they need her credit card number. They will get caught and they will pay!!!!!!!

jun 5 years ago

i have investeed money on upg marketing about 7months ago.

they never compleate my blog and my site was never on first page of google like they promised me.when i complained he was like yes your blog is on first page og google when i type in my exact url...

i have been trying to get my money back from this company..this company is a scam.as soon as i asked for money back they havent return my call or answer my call.

any advise anyone?

i need help..

WaffleCheese profile image

WaffleCheese 5 years ago Author

Seems pretty typical. The company is scum and should be investigated.

Try contacting Russell at sales@advancedwebmedia.com. He has been contacting me because he hates this hub... haha.. Too bad, because it speaks the truth.

Do me a favor though, when you email him. Tel him you found out that he was a scam because of this hub. I think it's funny.

jun 5 years ago

Thank you

I will send him email and see what they can do about it..

jun 5 years ago

I was not able to send email to that address you agve to me...

WaffleCheese profile image

WaffleCheese 5 years ago Author

Doesn't surprise me. Looks like they are trying to cover their tails.

Spyderwoman 5 years ago

I hate to admit to you folks that I bought into their bullshit and spent $1200 on this garbage. Now I am trying to get Wells Fargo to help e get it back. These people are sleazy beyond belief. I wish so much I'd seen this before I gave that guy my money.

Get this he asked me for TEN THOUSAND dollars! I guess some people are dumber than I am. I am so upset and furious with myself.

jun 5 years ago

I have been trying to get my money back from this comapny since 105%guranteed..

I never seen my site been 1st page of google with 20key words.

I left them many messages,but they dotn return my call.

I did call my bank to cancell the transctions..but it has been over 4months and i couldnt do it.

Any idea?

I gave them $800...

TDA 5 years ago

This company also uses the name Web Media & Advanced Web Media. They call on older people who have NO understanding of what they are "purchasing" and convince them to give them various credit cards. Then thye place charges to all the cards. I think they should be held accountable for stealing, since that is what they are really doing. I am going to try to go thru the better business bureau to see if anything can be done.

Scammed Help 5 years ago

If you have been scammed by Web Media or UPG Marketing, Merchant Freedom Network, webmedia blogging.

Scammed Help 5 years ago

Contact the Attorney General of Arizona and the Postal Fraud Department. They are being investigated. You have to do this if you want these scams to stop. They are being investigated.

Kathy Martinjak, CFS

Consumer Fraud Analyst

US Postal Inspection Service

Phoenix Division

Tucson Domicile



Attorney General office for Arizona

Nancy V. Anger

Senior Litigation Counsel

Consumer Protection & Advocacy Section

Office of the Attorney General

1275 W. Washington St.

Phoenix, Az. 85007



Go on line and fill out a complaint with the attorney generals office of arizona. Call Kathy at the Fraud Postal of Arizona.

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