Understanding Windows Vista Interface

Command Prompt

Window Vista User Interface

When we talk of windows vista interface we are referring to user interface. Window vista is a user friendly Microsoft Operating System that enables you to use graphs while on the vista interface

Unlike the previous versions of Microsoft Windows which were easy to use, window vista interface is quite different and offers more security, speed and many more functions

Features of window vista interface

  1. Command Interface

Window vista enables its users to directly interact with other DOS based instruction, such programs includes DOS Command program where a user can execute files and folder directly on the vista interface.

DOS is an earlier operating system that runs on the Windows Operating system like vista. To run DOS command on window vista interface click on the start button, on the all programs menu select Accessories, from the Accessories click on the command prompt and this will opens for you the DOS Window.

Below is a DOS based application running on window vista interface. Within the Dos prompt program one is able to view al the files and folders within the system by using the dir command i.e. c:\>dir

Window Vista Menu Interface

Window Vista Menu Interface

Window vista interface just as other previous windows has got some similarities but there are some noticeable differences also. A menu consists of list of available option for the users. To select your option from the menu interface, you need to highlight it using the mouse and click or pressing the enter key. One menu can lead to a sub menu where you can select the program you want. Windows vista menus are easier to use, learn and are more flexible than the DOS Command. Window vista has got the following menu interface

a)      Start Up – found on the left side of the window with Microsoft logo as the icon, you are able to open all the application programs like MS Office, Adobe, and Dreamweaver among others.  It is the start up menu that the command user interface is found

b)      Short Cut Menus – these are menus that comes when a user follow a short path to select them, to get a short cut menu right click on the interface, and this will open up drop down menu for you to select

c)       Dialogue Box Interface – This is an interactive menu that users are able to follow. The dialogue boxes respond to your command and bring you the desired request. An example of a dialogue box is a Print dialogue box that comes when you click on the print menu command

d)      Menu bar – These are menus that appears at the top of your Windows Vista  screen example includes File, Edit, Print, View and Exit. These menus have got their sub command displayed on a drop down menu

e)      Drop down menu – Also known as a Pull down menu appears when a user click on the menu bar. Windows vista allows a user to split the screen, this enables a  vista user to have multiple windows open at the same time

Icon Based Interface

3. Icon based Vista Interface

These are Object Oriented Interface also known as Graphical User Interface.  Icons are graphic symbols that perform different processing functions, symbols that represent files, menus, and pointers. The user points to the icon she wants to open with the mouse and the click the mouse button to open the particular Icon.

Icons are linked to various objects which make them easy to execute and by passing your mouse pointer over a selected Icon you will be able to see what it embedded to.

Like the Menu Interface Icons are also easy to learn, understand and use because by passing the mouse pointer over  you are able to see what that particular object is linked to. The graphic attached here shows some example of icons found on the window vista desktop computer. Icon window is a collection of icons in one window

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