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Is Uniden Quality Getting Worse?

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Uniden DECT 6.0 Phone Review 1580 and Family

Unfortunately for my wife I enjoy for some bizarre reason to collect phones.

My recent prize is from the Uniden Family .

The model 1580  which contains three Dect 6.0 Phones

I have always liked Uniden products, I used to have a radar detector and that was great and then I had a few phones and I liked them too. The Older Uniden product however seemed to have better quality standards than the newer product sets. I hope that is changing. We shall see. The call quality is great as I had expected.. Like my Panasonic's this does not interfere with my wireless networking in the house since it is DECT and operates at the 1.9GHz frequency. In my limited exposure so far it seems to play fine with my other DECT phones as well. I have multiple incoming phone lines, hence my need to many phones. As usual The DECT technology seems to provide decent range, I am suspect of the battery however and you will see that below. It seems to have most of the features You may want but please choose carefully. Personally I can not find a jack on mine for a headset, still looking.. I think it's not there.

Here are some highlights technically of the phone:

DECT 6.0 Interference Free Cordless Frequency - (1.9 GHz Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications)

  • Digital Answering System

  • Copy Phonebook from Headsets Wireless Network Friendly

  • Expandable - Register 6 Handsets to 1 Base

  • Caller ID/Call Waiting* - (*Requires a telephone company service subscription)

  • 30 Caller ID Handset Memory Locations

  • Handset Speakerphone - This feature gives you the freedom to use the handset as a speakerphone.

  • Phonebook Features_70 Names

  • Intercom or Call Transfer Between Handsets

  • Up to 12 Hours Talk Time

  • 7 Day Standby

  • Personalized Ringers

  • Last 10 Number Redial

  • Bilingual Menus (Eng/Sp)

  • Ni-Cd Rechargeable Battery Included -SERIOUS Bummer

Things I Like - The Pros:

  • I still like the Uniden voice Quality.

  • Number of messages counter on base (my Panasonic does not have this) nice bonus.

  • Seems to have a OK speakerphone to use on conference calls I am on a lot

  • Unlike the Panasonic's I have this unit allows you to name each handset this is handy as for other brands you have to page transfer by number.

  • One master phone book for all the phones

  • Lighted keypad, nice for night dialing

  • Screen any incoming messages from any phone and listen to recorded messages from any phone.

  • Easy to add any extra handsets if you might want to , this seems common nowadays.

  • Like most phones this style it requires only one phone jack needed for the base and all the satellite phones

Thing I Do Not Like - The Cons :

  • No headset jacks (Serious Big Bummer for Me)

  • Single voice mail box answering machine, I wish I one of these would allow for multiple in boxes.

  • No keypad/speakerphone on base unit, not a huge deal but it would be nice since the speakerphone is usable.

  • Big ICK - Unlike the Panasonic's use of AAA rechargeable batteries this thing uses ANCIENT style NiCd Batteries and will suffer form memory effects.

  • Did not come with the things to mount it to your wall if you want, not a big deal for me but others may want this

  • Past experience tells me Uniden's break, this still worries me. I'll keep you all updated.

My Conclusions:

This is a OK phone from my point of view, I use it differently than my Panasonic , It's not used as much or for conference calls that much so the lack of a headset jack and less than stellar battery selection is OK. I do really like Uniden Voice Quality however and I think it sounds a bit nicer than my Panasonic, but not by much. I suspect that if you need to use this phone as hearing disability enabled it might not cut it for beware there.

Recently due to comments on this hub I see people having quality issues with this product more often than in the past.   I never saw these quality issues but that does nto mean they do not exist. 


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Comments 23 comments

James Reuben 7 years ago

The old Ni-Cad battery is apparently a disadvantage. This may be why they are on sale now.

Thanks for a fine review.

Danny 7 years ago

The battery will not hold a charge for more than a few hours. Only the master phone will hold a charge for at least 8 hours without battery problems . Handset 2 and 3 will not hold a charge. I had the units 2 month before the problems started.

excellasys profile image

excellasys 7 years ago from US Author

Yeah Danny.. I have to admit in the days of Lithium ion batteries now they do not cut the mustard. I also suspect uniden quality may be slipping.. thanks for the comments.

Dve 6 years ago

I'm a bit bummed about the lack of a belt clip that I find a necessity for my application.

Dave 6 years ago

phone seems good... very good reception from a distance (on a farm). I like the backlight and the button array. I just hope the NiCad battery isn't an issue down the road. I also miss the belt clip. Why couldn't they include a belt clip... there isn't even a place to mount one. Other than that.. great value for a great looking unit!!!!

Bob 6 years ago

Uniden wall mount is not working - no dial tone.

Battery pack is that three battery pack sealed. Can it be replaced? Best to buy a new phone? Phone is roughly 10 years old

Geese 6 years ago

I love these phones, just wish they had a belt clip. The battery life is great on mine dispite the old style battery.

Janet Sears 6 years ago

Does anyone else encounter the phone going dead in the middle of a conversation? Phone line says it is not the line, wondering if I have a lemon Uniden

excellasys profile image

excellasys 6 years ago from US Author

I never had that problem, could the battery be bad or is it really going dead. I'm not sure what could interfere with a DECT phone but possibly another dect phone close might do it.. not sure.. others may know.

Dilip Deshpande 6 years ago

Total thumbs down for this phone. As you can see from their response below(customer support on phone line was even worse)this is a piece of junk and they could not care less if you had throw away a 15 days old set.

Your Question :

I have recently purchased a Uniden DECT 6.0 1580 set in early Jul in the US and brought it to India. The system is one Base unit plus two ordinary handsets and one waterproof hand set. I installed it at home in India in mid Jul. It worked fine for two weeks and then one day suddenly all handsets indicated they were out of range (although they were within a few feet of the base set).

Contacted Tech support on phone who after some long distance investigation determined that the unit will need to be replaced under warranty. When informed that the unit was in India I was told that the warranty stands void as the unit has been taken out of the US. Therefore I attempted repairs through local trade as I was unable to find a Uniden Service center in Bangalore. The repairer says that the embedded program has been corrupted and needs the code to reprogram the unit.


I hope you can help otherwise the entire set has become a piece of junk.


Dilip Deshpande

Bangalore, India

Our Solution :

Thank you for using our system.

Thank you for contacting Uniden with your question.

Most likely the main base unit has been fried. There is not code or reprogramming instructions available.


Uniden user from USA 6 years ago

There is another -ve point that it doesn't have 14 digit LCD display. For international incoming calls you should have 14 digit LCD eg.(1+123456789012)for USA. I know for USA as I always get international calls but on LCD display there comes first 1 as it is 12 digit LCD. I don't come to know who is calling internationally.

J. 6 years ago

Just bought these for Christmas and was very excited because of all the great reviews! Very dissapointed when after charging the appropriate time there was constant humming and was hard to hear the person you were talking with, also every time I spoke, my voice echoed... would not recommend this phone system. Does anyone know of a phone system that works!!!?

Ann 5 years ago

Having the same problem with my phone, goes dead in the middle of converation....don't know what to do, don't have the receipt or the box anymore

Chuck 5 years ago

Same problem going dead. Hand set shows no signal. Totally intermittent problem. Then signal comes back fine. Any one had any solutions? Very frustrating. about to take back to Costco

excellasys profile image

excellasys 5 years ago from US Author

Very strange, seems like recent quality issues, mine is still cruising along just fine.

MJ 5 years ago

Am having the same problem as Janet Sears with the phone going dead in the middle of a conversation. I get a message saying standby.....does anyone know the solution?

Marian L. 5 years ago

Have always had Uniden phones and love them. However I bought s DECT 6.0 and cannot use it. It tells of all the wonderful things it can do BUT NOWHERE DOES IT TELL HOW TO PROGRAM THEM. What is wrong? Am I crazy or is it the world we now live in (probably both)? Neither online or calling (and holding over 30 minutes) were of any help. Can someone help me?????? I have always programmed my phones,digital watches, clocks, whatever but this sure has me stymied. Thanks!!!!!!

Whatever happened to customer service?????? I provided the best customer service you could get for over 55 yrs. Do unto others as you would have done unto you. Rule #1-the customer is always right, rule #2-read rule #l again !!!!!!

Elena 5 years ago

I got mine from my parents who moved and weren't using this one. I had no trouble programming it and only had to reference the manual once (mostly out of curiosity since I like to read instruction booklets). The base ringer had to be turned off though because it was terribly loud even at the lowest setting. I would have liked to have a headset jack, but then again, I took this phone because I was tired of having to wear a headset while answering my Google number. If I want a headset/bluetooth I'll just transfer the call to the computer. No big deal.

I like the speaker phone for when I'm busy cooking and don't want a headset on my ear that could fall into a pot. My last phone set had lithium batteries and they didn't last very long at all. After 5 months or so both phones died and never charged again. With this set, I try to drain the battery at least twice a month and recharge it fully. The mistake a lot of people make is that they get lazy and don't put the phone on the cradle after the battery has died, and then a week later remember and by then it's too late (always have a regular corded phone on standby!). I really have no complaints about the phone. It does what I need it to do which is allow me to get away from my computer when making long distance Google calls.

Neil Hoesel 5 years ago

I can't get the ans sys on.

Dissatisfied 5 years ago

Same problwm with the dead phone issue, always in the middle of a call. I am surprised they have no recalled these phones. I am returning mine to Costco this weekend.

Summer Evans 4 years ago

I feel that this phone is the worst phone I have ever owned! I will NEVER purchase another Uniden phone. I wouldn't even donate it to Goodwill.....its going straight into the trash as I will be purchasing a quality phone!

RACHAEL 4 years ago


Keith 4 years ago

I had similar issues with echo in the handsets, particullarly handset 3. Went through two reset procedures but echo persisted. Comment from Uniden (Aust) was that wireless internet might be an issue. Sadly had to return the unit and buy a 5.8Ghz Panasonic +3 unit. I prefered the Uniden for ease of use and visual clarity for sight impared. Finally Uniden were most helpful. Also of note we have a large range of transmission towers, TV, Radio and Mobile, within 1/2 mile (500m) of our home? Regards, KH

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