Unlimited Prepaid Mobile Plans

Just over 12 months ago, Amaysim launched what is to date one of the most popular mobile phone plans in Australia at the moment - Amaysim Unlimited. For $39.90, you get unlimited fixed line calls, unlimited mobile calls, unlimited Text and MMS, 4GB of data and unlimited social media access.

This plan has proven to be so popular that many mobile phone providers have copied them with a similar offering. If we look at who is competing in this market at the moment we see Club Telco, Kiss Mobile, Savvytel, Think Mobile, Transact, Virgin and Vodafone. Five of them are priced at $40, the rest are slightly higher and some or much higher.

Unlimited is however not only popular for BYO Sim Only plans like Amaysim's Unlimited. Over the past year we have also seen plans appear offering unlimited calls and SMS within the prepaid mobile market. In this field we see the likes of Optus with a couple of options, Virgin Mobile, Boost, Lebara Mobile, Crazy Johns, Red Bull Mobile and One Mobile.

If I look back, Boost Mobile and Optus where the providers who really got the prepaid mobile market moving when it comes to prepaid unlimited plans. Optus launch the Dollar Days plans with 3 options starting at $1 a day for fixed line calls, $2 a day for unlimited mobile calls and Txt and then $3 for unlimited mobile calls, SMS and mobile internet.

The problem with this plan was that within 6 - 8 months it had been replaced with just the one option, the $2 Days plan. This move proves that it was far too complicated for everyone to understand.

Boost Mobile was then the one who really got the prepaid mobile market moving with the Boost $40 recharge. Across its product range it introduced unlimited calls and SMS plus 3GB of data where you recharged for $40. It didn't matter which prepaid plan you were on, if you recharged $40 you had unlimited privileges.

I believe that this plan has done well and paved the way for others to enter this market. Most recently we have seen Red Bull Mobile do really well with a range of unlimited plans. In fact unlimited is all they offer. The only difference for them is that the more you spend, the longer the unlimited offer lasts. As an example if you recharge for $365 you get unlimited calls and 5GB of data per month.

It is interesting to note just how popular these plans are. Over 50% of the new plans launched in the past 12 months have had an unlimited flavour. In a recent poll I ran on our site, I found that close to 80% of those who voted on the poll where after some form of unlimited offer. I really didn't expect it to be that high. My next question will be if they believe paying $40 per month is worth the unlimited privileges.

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