Unlock Blackberry 8-9XX Series With MFI Multiloader

The following method will work for older generation devices up to if done correctly.

9100 8800 8820 8830 8300 8310 8320 8330 8100 8110 8120 8130 7730 7780 7750 7200 7290 7250 7510 7520 7270 7100 7130c 7130e 7100i 8700 8707 8730

NOTE: "New Security" devices are not supported by this method

- It is recommended to remove the SIM card and SD card prior to attempting to prevent data loss

- Ensure device drivers are properly configured

- CAUTION: Perform at own risk. If unfamiliar with flashing take precaution as it is relatively simple to brick device if error is made.

1) Download the latest version of Blackberry Desktop Manager from http://www.blackberry.com

2) Download latest Blackberry Firmware for your device from http://www.blackberry.com support page. Delete "vendor.xml" file from C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Apploader

3) Ensure Net Framework Version 2.0 is installed on the machine being utilized

4) Download MFI Multiloader Acquire from Google either as single install file or download in parts. Unzip all contents to single directory.

5) Install MFI to C:// and overwrite files when prompted.

6) Replace configuration file located in C:\MML\bin

- Reference search engine to obtain appropriate config file.

- Changing config file provides access while connected to the internet . Otherwise disconnecting internet prior to initially opening MML is necessary.

7) Open MFI and connect blackberry device via USB. Ensure password is disabled and "Autostart" and "Erase all" options are checked.

8) Wait for multiloader to display "PASS"

9) Number "1" should display on screen

10) Disconnect from computer

11) Run MFI and uncheck "Autostart" option

12) Depress the following sequence of keys "CTRL ALT SHIFT F12" Now connect device.

13) Select "Clear MEP"

14) Message displays "MEP File Loaded Successfully"

15) Disconnect device. Press escape key until "Radio Off" message is displayed. Type "R O N then S T A R T" or "S T A R T" otherwise.

16) Reconnect device and flash device firmware in Blackberry Desktop Manager or Loader app in Research In Motion/Apploader

If issues are experienced flashing firmware. Connect device to computer and remove battery while phone plugged in. In Command Prompt navigate to Research In Motion/AppLoader


When device initializes battery may be reinserted

It is recommended previous installed software other than the one being flashed, be removed prior to resorting to this method.

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