Update Samsung Reality Calendar - Add Event, Meeting, Birthday on Samsung Reality Cell Phone


The Samsung Reality cell phone has a calendar. The calendar will allow you to update it with events you may have on any day or any time.  

Updating the calendar is easy and will help keep your entire year organized within your pocket :-)

Step 1

With your screen unlocked, Go to "Menu"

Step 2

Select "Calendar" icon that appears in the menu by pressing the icon on the Reality touch screen.

Step 3

Once you have gone to the date on your Samsung Reality calendar, press the "New" button on the lower left hand side of your cell phone screen.

Step 4

From here, fill in the "Subject" field.

Fill in the start date (the earliest date that the calendar event you are reminding yourself about will begin)

Fill in the start time (the time of day / night that the event will take place)

Fill in the end date (the very last date of the event)

Step 5

Click "OK Save" at the bottom of the screen.

Now you know how to update the Samsung Reality cell phone calendar with events.  Hope this helped

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Any Travel Plans On Your Event Calendar? You Can Covert Foreign Currency Too!

OK, so you have your travel plans laid you on your Samsung Reality wireless phone calendar. Does the country you are visiting use the currency of your nation or does it have its own?

The Reality wireless phone has a currency converter that will convert all major, recognized currencies throughout the world. After you've entered your plans your your reality calendar planner, check the currency rate as well so you are better prepared.

I wrote an article on how to do this and linked it below. Check it out

How to Convert Currencies on Reality Wireless Phone U820

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