Upgrade Laptop Memory to Speed Up Windows

Why Upgrade Laptop Memory?

With laptop computer and notebook prices at an all time low, all of the major PC manufacturers are cutting a few corners to keep from losing money. One of the places to cut costs is the memory or RAM of the computer. Windows XP and Windows Vista can both function with minimal amount of memory installed, but the cost to you is a slower computer that doesn't perform at optimal speeds when you have many application windows open.

The solution is to upgrade the memory in your laptop computer. A memory upgrade requires opening a small compartment on the bottom of your laptop, sometimes using a screwdriver, but generally there's a simple lever that opens the memory compartment. This sounds scarier than it actually is - the compartment almost always has a picture to show you how to properly place the memory inside.

How Much Memory Do I Need?

The first step in getting more memory for your laptop computer is to determine how much memory you already have. This is determined by looking at your computer properties, which show you the amount of memory currently installed in your computer. Further details on how to find the sysetm properties are available in this article on how much memory is in your PC. Windows XP is limited to using 3GB of RAM and Windows Vista is generally limited to 4GB, although 64-bit systems follow slightly different rules. If you already have the maximum for your operating system, you won't benefit from an upgrade. In most cases, your laptop won't have the maximum memory installed. The video below walks through how to see the amount of memory installed on your PC.

Determining Which Memory to Purchase

Before you can install more memory in your computer, you need to know which type of memory you need and where to get it. When I upgrade the memory in my notebook computers, I always order from Crucial. They are generally one of the most affordable places to purchase laptop memory and they have a handy laptop memory calculator that makes it easy to figure out exactly what you need for your specific laptop.

Once you have the memory, make sure you have turned off and unplugged your laptop computer, then review the video below to see how to open the back of your laptop and install your new memory.


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