Using A T3 Line For All Your High-Speed Internet Needs

DS3 Bandwidth and T3 Lines

Numerous companies are now using a T3 line in most parts of the globe. T3 or DS3 means Digital Signal Level 3. This dedicated telephony line enables internet access at superior speeds. It can be used for audio conversations plus transmission of data. Its upload and download speed is about 45mbps. It is used for development of software, in medical institutions, universities, large scale VPN, heavy traffic website companies and web hosting companies.

Most of the large organizations that rely on telephone and internet use the T1 lines. When a T1 cannot cope with the demand, most people opt for a T3 connection. It has a much higher bandwidth of about 45Mbps. This is similar to about 28 T1 lines.

This telephone line is used for transmission of audio communication plus internet access at terrific speeds. It can transmit 672 simultaneous audio conversations or more than 4000 data connections at high speed. It transmits huge data, videos and audio at a high speed over busy networks. This transmission is normally between telephony carriers wired or wireless. Call centers plus other businesses dealing with applications requiring high bandwidth benefit from this line tremendously.

Another of its attractive benefits is that it has a unique design. This guarantees an internet connection that is free of traffic. The high bandwidth makes its speed about 28 times faster than a T1 line. It has limitless connections and transporting files is easy. It allows different capacities as it permits bandwidth on demand.

The technology has compatibility with lots of AT&T structures. Therefore, a company does not require any other internet structures in order to support the line. It works well with other networks and is thus an appropriate investment.

Companies which attract high volume internet traffic, data traffic and call traffic on their sites are some of the beneficiaries of this great technology. Today, video conference which was previously a mere dream has become possible due to T3 lines. This line is also used by firms that resell bandwidth to other individuals.

The communication industry has been revolutionized by the T3 line. A lot of businesses can now afford the line. It satisfies the needs of customers. To get connected is easy. All you need is to search for providers of this service in your area. The providers offer you free quotes online. If you are seeking a stable, dedicated and reliable internet service which is flexible plus affordable, then you would find this line ideal.


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