Using Twitter To Boost Sales

Is your business making as much money as it could be?  Not if you aren't using Twitter.
Is your business making as much money as it could be? Not if you aren't using Twitter.

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Why your business should be using Twitter

Using Twitter to Boost Sales

In our fast paced world, businesses must keep up with the times to maintain their profits.  Social networking and media sites are becoming a popular way to meet new people, keep up with old friends and, recently, to boost the performance of your business.  If you find your sales are taking a downward turn, posting to social media sites, such as Twitter, may be the answer.

Why Twitter?
Twitter offers a unique way of keeping contact with your customer base.  Customers can add themselves to your fan list and receive regular updates, called Tweets, from your company.  These tweets can be advertising, offering information on current sales or discounts, or they can just be informative bits of company news or even a little extra customer retention, such as wishing customers a happy holiday season.  These little bits of shared information make your customers feel more comfortable with your company and earn their loyalty when they begin shopping for the items you offer.

It makes sense to put your business on Twitter because it offers your company a bigger share of branding.  If your company name is the first thing that springs to mind when they consider purchasing a particular product, then you are likely to be the first store they patronize.  Giving your customer base a daily or weekly reminder of your presence makes you a familiar part of their daily experience and creates the branding which your profits come from.

Why Tweets Earn Profits
"Using Twitter is simple and very quick.  Tweets can be made online or even by text messages sent from your mobile device or cellular phone.  This means you now have an enhanced way of communicating with a large customer base very quickly, eliminating a lot of the expense and labor formerly used to print paper advertisements.  Twitter is a low cost method of advertising for businesses because the only expense is the time involved creating the tweets and text messaging charges if you are using your cellular phone or mobile device.  Creating less expensive advertising that will reach a much wider customer base is a great way to increase profitability."

Using Twitter with Electronic Coupons
Twitter can also be used to forward electronic coupon codes to your customers that can be redeemed on sale items, thus boosting your sales without incurring printing costs.  These coupon codes can be sent directly to a customers cell phone through the Twitter service, allowing you to post sales that run for a set amount of time within just a short while.  The potential for this usage of Twitter to increase sales is amazing by imagining it in the following example. 

Consider a restaurant owner, upon noticing that the days sales are lower than expected, goes to his cell phone and sends a message to Twitter about a dinner special and posts an electronic coupon good for that evening between 6 PM and closing.  The general public loves a good bargain so many  people will flock to the restaurant to use the coupon, thus turning a slow day into a very profitable one.

In conclusion, the world has become technologically savvy.  Cellular phones and mobile devices have become a regular accessory for individuals of all walks of life.  Using a technologically advanced method of advertising, such as Twitter, is an excellent way to keep up with the fast pace of our culture and make your business more profitable.

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vrbmft profile image

vrbmft 6 years ago from Yucaipa, California

Hey, has everyone been sending you tweets about this hub and not leaving comments? I have avoided tweeting and texting since both started, but now, m-m-m. A slow day in the practice, I could tweet therapy specials for an unexpected crisis or breakdown. I know it sounds a little funny, but I'm more than half serious! Well, first will have to learn how to tweet and then how to do this professionally, so it's not irreverent or funny. Hey, you standing on a tall building. I got a coupon for you. You know, that probably wouldn't go over well with the Board!! I actually tried coupons on Merchant Circle. I don't know if you are familiar with Merchant Circle. But didn't get a single bite. It was a good coupon too. Thanks so much for supporting my hubs and I enjoy reading and supporting yours as well. One of these days, we will have to tweet and meet!

palmerlarryray profile image

palmerlarryray 6 years ago from Macon, Missouri Author

I would be happy to help you figure Twitter out and grow a following. My Twitter names are palmerlarryray and TweetRetweetcom so when you get a Twitter account, let me know and I will add you to my friends list.

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