What Is The Augmented Reality Car Finder App?


Find Your Car Easily

If you're like myself then you likely have got lost within the car parking lot in Wal-Mart or perhaps somewhere else attempting to recall exactly where you left your car.

It's really a fairly awkward and at times irritating experience. Thankfully, the great people from Intridea are putting parking lot embarrassments to end using Car Finder app for your Apple iPhone.


How Car Finder Works

The Car Finder by Intridea is really a completely unique application from some other car locator apps since it utilizes augmented reality that will help you locate your car.

Augmented reality operates by the iPhone’s camera acquiring a picture of your car along with positioning an overlay upon that picture.

Car Finder’s augmented reality technology enables you to view and mark your own car’s location on the iPhone’s screen.

The actual app makes use of the camera, compass as well as iPhone 3GS in order to keep track of the location of your vehicle, how far away it really is and the direction it's in.

Finding your way through the parking lot
Finding your way through the parking lot | Source

Keep Track of Where You Parked

The precision of the app depends upon how good your current GPS signal is. While in the car parking lot you are able to easily point the iPhone at the car and set the Car Finder app to track your own car’s location and then be on your cheerful way.

After that if you want to locate your car within the once vacant yet currently filled parking lot you can easily whip out your iPhone and make use of the Car Finder app to find where you are parked.


Available on Most Smartphones

This app also enables you to to add notes whenever you mark where your car is parked and it has a parking meter timer which sends you notifications when your meter is about to run out.

It’s a nice app utilizing sophisticated technology to keep track of exactly where you park your car. Car Finder is available for your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Palm webOS.

It costs an inexpensive $0.99 in the App Store and could save you the frustration from getting lost in the parking lot ever again.

Download App

You can get the Car Finder app at the Intridea website: Download Car Finder

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