Video Capture Quality Comparison Nokia N9 v Nokia Lumia 800

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Video Capture Comparison Nokia N9 V Lumia 800

This post is basically a comparison to a post made by Ali Al-Qudsi, ( @AliQudsi on Twitter) of 'MyNokiaBlog' fame where he did a comparison Video between the N9 &Lumia 800, I don't do a lot of Video recording and am not particularly skilled at it, but in this case that may be an advantage ?

Camera Rig 2


On a cloudy dull Easter Sunday, I created a camera rig for my two phones (well selotaped them together) and wandered down to the track into my local woods and just started both camera running in 720p with everything set to auto and this is the result, hope people will make and express there own opinions on the merits of the results (that's how they compare and not the subject or cameraman)

So that's it, thanks for reading, viewing, commenting or just bothering to click on my Hub Pages,


Stephen Quin


Split Screen edited by Steve Litchfield

Fantastic update due to the awsome efforts of @stevelitchfield , who has spliced my video's together in split screen which is just what I wanted and this is so much easier to compare the quality .

edited 16/04/2012

Split screen comparison

Lumia Video

N9 Video

PS, in case anyone wonders, I actually think the Lumia produced better video and sound, which surprised me as generally I find the N9 camera to work better in most circumstances !

Following the article on My Nokia Blog, by Ali Al-Qudsi and some of the comments by readers, I can confirm that the data captured by the N9 is far less than that of the Lumia, and thought I'd post a couple of screen captures from my computer to prove it !

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Comments 8 comments

Adrian 4 years ago

N9 video looks better to me. Colours are richer. Pause on the daffodils.

Agree audio though.

carman58 profile image

carman58 4 years ago from Leeds, Uk Author

To be fair, I'm fairly happy with both, but on my computer some of N9 video looks a little pixelated when panning, although colour on it does look more natural from the N9. Overall I think both are acceptable, but if it was important, surprisingly,I'd use the Lumia to film something !

James Burland 4 years ago

I prefer the Lumia's video too, though it does have a colour issues... but then, so does the N9 video.

carman58 profile image

carman58 4 years ago from Leeds, Uk Author

Thanks for taking a look James , overall I don't think either are really 'bad' , neither phone is exactly 'camera centric' just expected the N9 to be better tbh !

suyog 4 years ago

Wow, kudos to you stephen. You did well by sticking them together so there wont be any doubt.

carman58 profile image

carman58 4 years ago from Leeds, Uk Author

I deserve no Kudos mate, the splice was done by Steve Lichfield, as a favour, my skills are limited to bad writing and uploading average media content :)

Andy Hagon 4 years ago

A really great comparison, Stephen; I loved the split-screen one - very cool! I think both both have their merits and both have their issues, neither of which are anything major. If I was going to use a phone to film something important, I'd get hold of an N8 or even better.... oh you know! haha! Good work, sir. :)

carman58 profile image

carman58 4 years ago from Leeds, Uk Author

Thanks Andy,needed professional help for split screen :-)

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