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Did some stranger requested you to be his/her friend on Facebook? You check up on his/her profile, but you can't see his/her pictures other that the profile pic? Well, this trick will amazed you.

Note: This is for educational purposes only.

Note: I only tried this on Mozilla Firefox v3.6


1. Open any facebook profile, or the one you want to view his/her photos. It must not be your friend.

example(Lady Gaga's Profiel):

2. In the address bar of your Browser, paste this code:


then Press Enter, you will now be redirected to the photo page of that profile.


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Comments 37 comments

KB 6 years ago

This code wont magically unlock all of a user's photos. If a user has high privacy settings on their albums, you may not be able to see any of their photos at all.

mipf profile image

mipf 6 years ago from Philippines Author

yup! but it still works for strangers if you want to know more about them, its just you can't see their album with custom privacy settings.

mipf profile image

mipf 6 years ago from Philippines Author

its working, you just have to read the Intro, its not supposed to view Photo Album with custom Privacy Settings, but it can view Photo album from strangers which you don't have an easy access with.

hero 6 years ago

it is not working..

facemen 6 years ago

yeah not working..

me 6 years ago

Not working. Pretty poor show

lolada 5 years ago

Doesn't work anymore

imran.mir  5 years ago

nooooot workingggggggg

Ann 5 years ago

Facebook recently added https: ...blah blah blah

instead of http: ...blah blah blah

so now it runs the and the php data trough a secure route

Faraz 5 years ago

such a waste of time

mike 5 years ago

tell me how to do that ........when i am putting the adresses its going to google not tp their photos.

muhammad saleem 5 years ago

ab ye khatam ho gaya hai q k facebook update ho gai hai is liye ye code work nai karta hai

shahan 5 years ago

tu ab kya kery

raj 5 years ago

not working

sunny 5 years ago

not working

khaziMA SIDDIQUi 5 years ago

Yeah NOt Working...

shubham 5 years ago

its giving google search

nope 5 years ago

not working ?


العب في المزرعة السعيدة 5 years ago

rafet hazem

iii 5 years ago

it daznt wok

javascript:(function(){CSS.removeClass(document.body,%20′profile_two_columns’); tab_controller.changePage(“photos”);})() 5 years ago

javascript:(function(){CSS.removeClass(document.body,%20?profile_two_columns’); tab_controller.changePage(“photos”);})()

putah 4 years ago

not working!!!! waste of time.....

ahmad 4 years ago

its just to waste of time and not working

khalid 4 years ago

not working !!

ppp 4 years ago

its not working plz tell us an other way to viwe facebook profile

gülsen aydoğdu 4 years ago

javascript:(function(){CSS.removeClass(document.body,%20'profile_two_columns'); tab_controller.changePage("photos");})()

MAFER 4 years ago

Alguien puede decirme como hacer para ver las fotos, pero que funcione, gracias

Nina ḾoSť-ẀantƎď OoIoo 4 years ago

Allam Taha ????? ??????????

esin odabaş 4 years ago

javascript:(function(){CSS.removeClass(document.body,%20'profile_two_columns'); tab_controller.changePage("photos");})()

tera bap 4 years ago

Gandu its not working

shailenda 4 years ago

nottttttttttttttttttttt working use less

sourav 3 years ago


Huraish 2 years ago

not working............

Someone who knows what they're doing 2 years ago

It doesn't go in the URL box you idiots!

If you're using Chrome, press Ctrl + Shift + i to bring up the dev tools, then go to console and do it there.

I've been trying it in Mozzila Firefox, but it's returning "syntax error"

Randall 2 years ago

actually its easier to press f12 for dev options and it can go in the URL chrome takes off the Javascript: part when copying and pasting, but I am receiving the syntax error in both chrome/firefox

fdfed 2 years ago


dadi 2 years ago

chopy mar salya

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