Virgin Media New Super Fast Broadband!

Super Fast Broadband 100mb!

The days of the 56k modem are long gone, and since the world had seen super speed internet growing at a rapid speed, but nothing quite like this. The broadband giants Virgin Media are currently preparing for the launch of the worlds fastest broadband service, 100MB! The current fastest broadband in the world is 50MB and is also exclusive to Virgin Media. The 100MB Broadband will allow any household or business to be able to everything they want to, all at the same time online, and at a faster rate than ever before. Whether your household has 2 or even 6 computers connected to the internet you can be sure to get excellent download speed with this exiting new package. If you are serious about internet then this is the way to go.

Downloading Speeds

You will be able to download music in half the time that you can on the current 50mb broadband service and 5 times as fast as the more common 20mb package. A figure given from Virgin Media is that you will be able to download a full HD movie in just 7 minutes! A completely remarkable time when you take a step back to consider how long this would have taken just 7 or 8 years ago. (Probably about 2 days on a 56k modem, if you were lucky).

The 100MB broadband opens new doors to the internet in ways that have yet to be seen. Will the days of buying DVD's be over because of the ease of downloading them? We already know that music and CD's has taken a huge downturn due to broadband, so it's likely that the same will happen with movies too.

When it's coming to your area

For this amazing broadband experience you will need to be living in a virgin media area. You can find out exactly when your area will be rolled out by entering your postcode on the Virgin Media website.

Costs and Price

Virgin media package prices change on a fairly regular basis. The current 50mb broadband is £28 a month, but is expected to drop a little with the release of the new 100mb version. The 100mb version will be slightly more but it isn't thought to be significantly more - afterall Virgin Media are all about being available to the many and appealing to as wider audience as possible. When you subscribe for the full virgin media package you will get deals that will bring the prices down too.

What effect will it have on other Broadband Suppliers?

At the moment nobody knows. It seems that Virgin Media are leaps and bounds ahead of the rest in this field, and by the time another provider has caught up Virgin would have probably started rolling out their 200mb version. It's exciting to think what it might be like 10 years from now and also perhaps a little scary!

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