Virtualization Technology

Virtualization Technology

Most people are familiar with the virtualization but I am referring to virtualization technology meaning being able to run two operating systems. It is most interesting to me the concept of running mac with windows. Virtualization Technology added to software-based virtualization solutions provide maximum system utilization by consolidating multiple environments into a single server or Personal Computer. A virtual data server, as I understand it, is to not only run an automated data center, built on a vitalization platform, but it will also allow you to run another operating system on a single computer but independent of itself. Making operation faster and helping systems run more efficiently than ever before in history.

Resources, servers and even different applications as they are needed and ready when you need them not five minutes from now. By combing your resources and tasks this is said to be a technological advancement. virtualization technology, I am referring to server virtualization, which means partitioning one physical server into several virtual servers, or virtual machines. Each virtual machine can interact independently with other devices, other applications, data and users as though it were a separate physical resource all on it's own.

This technology has been around but is just now catching on and becoming more popular. This is a limited view of vitualization technology there are many aspects that are related to this technology I will name a few:

Application Virtualization

Management & security of virtualized environments

Network Virtualization

Processing Virtualization

Storage Virtualization

Access Virtualization

  • Run more than one operating system at a time on a single computer independently of one another.
  • Improve management & control by making more efficient use of desktops and more stability with less crash concern so to speak and less application conflicts.
  • You can run Windows on Mac to create a virtual personal computer environment for all Windows applications.
  • increasing your efficiency and requiring less hardware and increasing your resources to saving time and money.
  • Make sure all your programs perform with the highest performance possible by maximizing their potential.
  • Build a strong information back up through improved recovery solutions and deliver high level availability.

wrist phone exciting technology
wrist phone exciting technology

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Consonus Tech profile image

Consonus Tech 6 years ago

I appreciate your hubpage about virtualization technology. I think that your best guidance, tips, and contributions are for “access virtualization." Your Mac users will be intrigued that they can run Windows on that system “to create a virtual personal computer environment." I agree that virtualization technology is the wave of the future and thanks for your links to explore this further. This is a technological advancement that demands attention. So thanks for bringing it to us!

Envoy profile image

Envoy 6 years ago from USA Author

Thanks so much for your comment.

I am most intrigued with the ever changing technology we function with on a daily basis. It is so exciting to think we have only scratched the virtual surface.

Have a great night.

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