Vista New Control Panel Features

Below are some new features added to Window Vista Control Panel, each feature has got its application and how you can use it to perform any task related to the feature?

Auto Play

It helps you to play your DVD, CD when you have them inserted automatically without having to press the play button. To ensure this is done you have to click on the AutoPlay icon and check on the Use Auto play and all media box. It helps you set whatever you feel should happen to your devices when inserted into the DVD player of your computer

Indexing Options: With this vista feature you are able to change how Windows Indexes file for searching

iSCSI Initiator: Enables you to connect to the remote iSCSI targets and configures connection settings

Mail – This is the Microsoft Outlook Explorer Window which enables you to configure your mails, it enables you to set emails account and directories, and store emails messages and directories. It also enables you to set up multiple email account profiles and data files

Network and Sharing Center – With this features you are able to check network status, you have the ability to change network settings. You can also set preferences for file, printer and documents sharing

New Vista Control Panel Added Features

Parental Controls – This feature is totally new which helps you as a parent to set how children use your computer. It gives the ability to set functions like internet access for children, hours which your child can spend using a computer and the type of game they can play while using the computer. You can also choose programs that your child should not use

Pen and Input Devices – It gives you ability to interact with items in your computer, you can set the pointer of your pen

People Near Me – Enables you to perform activity such asVista Window Meeting Space, you have the ability to set up your computer to interact with people

Performance Information – Its’ enables you to get your computer information on how it is performing and the speed at which the computer is performing. It will alert you on any solution related to performance problem that will help improve your computer speed

Problem Reports and Solution – It is an online feature that enables you to check your software problem on the internet and the solution available to your problem

Speech Recognition Option – Givesyou the ability to use your voice to control your computer, through this computer can understand your voice by training computer

Sync Center – Gives you the ability to explore information of your computer, other computer connected to yours, devices connected to your computer

Text to Speech – This enables you to change the setting for text to speech of your computer

Welcome Center – The new Window Vista that normally pops up when you start up your computer, it gives you the ability to explore your window vista features

Windows Anytime Upgrade – Gives the easiest way to upgrade your window vista to a better Windows version

Windows CardSpace – Gives you the convenient way to control your card information on the internet,

Windows Defender - It protects your computer from unwanted programs like virus, malware that can crash your computer

Windows Mobility Center – It enables you to adjust the most commonly used setting like display setting, sound setting, power options and other related settings

Windows Sidebar Properties – Learn more about vista Sidebar here: How to Hide and show Sidebar and many more features of vista

Windows Slideshow – Is also new feature that enables you to configure Vista Slideshow

Those are just the many features added to Windows Vista, there are some features not discussed here which were in the Previous Windows Version

Now you can learn how to: Use Vista Interface

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