Good eats in Pasadena, California

Pasadena California has a wide variety of foods to meet almost everyone’s appetite. I really enjoy trying new places and different types of food. In this article I will discuss some good eats that I have had the opportunity to visit in the Pasadena area. So if you are in the Pasadena area you may want to try the listed establishments out.

The establishments I have listed are not ranked in any particular order.

Good eats in Pasadena

New Delhi Indian Food: This establishment is small yet quaint. When you walk in you can smell different types of aroma and fresh ingredients like garlic. If you enjoy lamb, I ordered the lamb sag which comes in a curry sauce and a side of rice. The lamb was very tender and had plenty of flavor. I also ordered the garlic naan bread which was also delicious to go with the lamb. I have been to this establishment twice and each time there was enough seating. The service and are friendly. The service is fairly quick. I think this place is worth the visit.

China Express: This establishment is a stop by on the way home or grab some lunch type place. The seating is next to none, but the food is great. I get the chicken fried rice with beef chow mein. I love because you stand like literally 3 feet away from the chef cooking your meal and putting it in the to go boxes. It’s something I love about visually seeing my food cooked. This place can get a little full with people waiting, if you can phone ahead. This place has been in business for a long time for a good reason. Check them out if you’re up for Chinese food. This location is actually in Altadena, California on N. Lake Ave.

Hamburger Hamlet: This place speaks for its self. They sell gourmet hamburgers that are five stars. Now I must warn you the hamburgers are not cheap, but they are huge weighing in at 8 oz of Angus chuck (my god!!) Buy one and share it, unless you’re like me and eat the whole burger by your lonesome. I ordered the Marilyn Burger it comes with fully loaded with avocado, jack cheese, tomato, onions, lettuce, etc. Then you have the choice of regular fries, garlic, mesquite or sweet potato. And if you really want to put yourself over the top order some ultimate nachos. (Hmmmmmm). By the way the seating is adequate, and the people are friendly too.

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles: So one day a chicken was walking across the street and tripped on a waffle (kidding). The name speaks for itself a waffle with and side of chicken not a whole chicken, but a wing or thigh, etc. The food is great, this place gets packed on a regular basis. The waffles melt in your mouth; the chicken is tasty what more can I say. The service was a little sassy, but prompt. I ordered the two waffles and two chicken wings. I don’t think you can go wrong with place. The seating is adequate, the place attracts so well do people. A good place to try in your in the Pasadena area, they also have other locations.

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