Vizio M650VSE Review

Vizio M650VSE
Vizio M650VSE

Vizio M650VSE

Vizio M650VSE is one of the hottest releases by Vizio in the High Definition Television market.This model has a 65 inch screen that fully features a 1080p resolution and a SRS StudioSound HD audio technology that makes sure the sound is of crisp quality.

For the record, there are many reviews out there that should guide you in purchasing the right HDTV for your home. Be sure to take advantage of that.

Core Features

Aside from its special features, here's the list for Vizio M650VSE specs.

  1. 64.53" Diagonal
  2. Edge LED backlight
  3. A dynamic contrast ratio of 1 million to one.
  4. 120 Hz refresh rate
  5. 5.5 ms response time
  6. English, Spanish, and French language configuration
  7. 802.11n single band WiFi
  8. Image aspect ratio of 16:9
  9. 2 Speakers

What's with the Vizio M650VSE?

Being one of the flag carrier models of Vizio, the M650VSE boasts a lot of power packed features enumerated below:

  • The State-of-the-art Full Array TruLED® backlighting. This new technology by Vizio uses more than 200 computer controlled dimming zones that matches color brilliance and black levels of the picture, thereby creating a better high contrast effect. This happens all in high def. This technology is what helped this model TV get the CNET editor's choice award as it really produces amazing almost real-life pictures (or even better!)
  • Internet Apps capability. This model functions more than a TV.The VIZIO Internet Apps feature is your gateway to unlimited digital entertainment (with an internet connection of course!). This feature is coupled with a special two sided remote control that gives you to ability to control your TV through hot keys and maneuver the internet apps feature and the internet using the QWERTY side of the remote.
  • Automated enhancement features. The M650VSE features automated enhancing of the picture quality by scanning the room's ambient lighting and match the screen background light with it. This helps ease eye stress when watching TV and therefore makes it more comfortable for long hours of watching. Aside from that, this model also features smooth motion enhancing that will make high speed motions on TV less blurry and more viewable.

Why Choose M650VSE over other HDTVs?

The question in many consumers' minds is primarily this, why should I go for this brand and model? Well actually, there will be many factors that you should consider when buying the right TV for you, like your budget, the room space, who will be watching in this TV among others. So why should you opt for this model? Read along.

- This model is the best for customers that want high quality and super sized HD TVs but are not interested in 3D content. Why? simply because this product isn't 3D compatible, and for your information it was built this way. It was meant to cater for this specific need, slashing a lot of expenses to make the TV 3D capable.

- It is very much worth the price for its features. Nuff' said.

The Vizio M650VSE is one of those TVs that you shouldn't miss when you're looking for a TV. Built specifically for non-3D fans, this model is one of the bests when it comes to quality and price.

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