Vlogging 360 - Panoramic iPhone Attachment

Have you ever experienced the following situations?

  • You are vlogging at a party but so many crazy antics are happening at once that you just can't capture them all.
  • You wish you could shoot your peeps skateboarding and be in the video at the same time.
  • You live in a ridiculously small apartment. No matter what you try, you just can't find the perfect angle to video blog from.
  • You're at a concert and want to shoot the band on stage and the crowd around you at the same time.

A cool new start-up called Kogeto may have the answer.

Cool New Invention

Kogeto is a fun and funky NYC based start-up. They specialize in panoramic video solutions (among other things) and have created a device called the "Dot: 360" that snaps onto your iPhone and gives you a true 'bug eyed' view of the world.

Ever wonder what a fly can see? This gives you that vantage point and then some (for all you bug-o-philes, flies have almost, but not quite, 360 degrees of vision). Now you can set your camera down and let life unfold in 360 degrees of color and activity that YOU are part of.

The past two years have seen some cool advances in video tech. Cheap 3D camcorders are readily available and now panoramic video is entering the scene. This new clip-on isn't super cheap (yet). It retails for $98 when you pre-order from the Kickstarter page. But there is nothing like it out there and it appears to be a quality attachment. Not only that, it comes with special software that allows you to scroll through 360 degrees of video right on your iphone.

Prediction for next cool thing? Panoramic 3D video. Like real life but even better? Well let's not go that far just yet. But it would be cool to see.

Michael Sean Kaminsky is an author, video blogger and filmmaker. He recently wrote the book Naked Lens: Video Blogging & Video Journaling to Reclaim the YOU in YouTube which teaches readers to use video to increase self awareness, self expression and achieve success with online video.


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