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Web Writing Over The Last Decade

I was perusing the web today, like I usually do, and looking for hot topics to fill my mind with necessary inspiration and knowledge to appease the "blog monster". I came across an article from December 2000. The article was a list about 7 Qualities of Great Web Writing for Success.

At first I almost just dropped the article into that "back button" trash bin until I noticed something that really took my by surprise: It had almost been a decade since that article was written and almost nothing had changed in the art and science of web writing.

Web Writing Best Practices.

The article from 2000 listed these 7 principles as being the keys to success in web writing.

  • Clarity
  • Relevance
  • Brevity
  • Scanability and Readability
  • Consistency
  • Freedom from errors
  • Good Integration with site design

All of those things are still "the right way" to write for the web, right? Confusing sentence... Speaking of "confusion"; Clarity in language and meaning. Relevance in content. Brevity in text. Scanning ability and easy to read on the page. Consistency throughout each page...to include advertisements. Free of errors and making sure that the text and content works well with the entire scheme of the site design.

So, what's changed?

So, What HAS Changed In Web Writing

The biggest things that I can see that have changed are the amount of web writing that is going on, the topics that we're writing about, and the change in the way that content is delivered.

The Amount of Web Writers has increased 100 fold. (Okay, not hard numbers but there's a lot more!) Everyone claims to be a web writer or content writer.

Topics That Web Writers Are Tackling have changed a great deal as well. There's social media, the war on terror, "American Idol" and Justin Bieber. Electronic cigarettes, blogging for money and internet marketing.

Delivery of Content as drastically changed. Blogs continued their dominance and development. Micro-blog platforms like Twitter and Tumblr rocked the world. Videos are huuuuuuge!

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