Websites for Today 09/16/07

Fresh Websites for 09/16/07

On occasion, I will purchase a website or two, and thought it would be good to share my purchases with the Hub community. If you are interested in any or if you would like to chat about domains, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email.

Below are the domains I will discuss today:

This site would make a great jewlery sales site, gold information site, personal wealth site, or a informative money making site.

This site would make a great religious site.

This site would make a great young miss clothes/accessories site. It would also make an adult site.

This site would make a great font resource site and actually already is. Feel free to check it out and download free fonts.

This would make a great online game site or any kind of exciting site. The name is fairly generic and would fit in any site type.


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