Weigh out things using yout iPhone

iPhone or scale, can you tell the difference

The iPhone Scale has the capacity to weigh objects up to 600g. It supports four type of weighing units including gram(g), ounces(oz), troy ounces (ozt) and deadweight tonnage (dwt). With these four weighing units, you no longer need to use a conversion tool when measuring gold jewelry. The calibration weight of the scale is 500g. The platform size measures 2.0 x 2.7 inches. The dimension of the iPhone Pocket Scale is 4.5 x 2.4 x 0.5”. Two CR2032 batteries are included in the package of the iPhone scale. The product is backed with ten years warranty.

The tare function allows you to measure the net weight of an object by using a container. In addition, the tare function will reset the weight to zero weight when the cover is placed on top of the scale. The blue LCD backlit at the bottom of the scale allows you to easily take readings in a place that has insufficient light. The iPhone scale has a protective cover which can be used as a detachable tray for weighing objects that are too large. You can flip the Iphone scale over to use as a weighing pan.The easy recalibration feature maintains the scale for up to 10 seconds. The auto power off feature let you set the time for automatic switching off of the scale when it is not used.

The iPhone Pocket Scale 600g comes with a high quality box that is similar to the real iPhone box. The boxes of both the scale and iPhone measure 4.5” x 2.4” x 0.7”. The box includes secret stash which will add a separate layer of secrecy to the scale. The PCS and unit controls gives you the ability to make the most out of the iPhone scale. The iPhone Scale is suitable for weighing all types of objects including jewelry, gold, diamond, silver, and herbs.

The iScale

Can't even tell the difference from the real iphone
Can't even tell the difference from the real iphone

Changing iPhone ringtones

If you don’t want to use the default iPhone ringtone, you can change it into another ringtone. Your iPhone initially comes with 24 other ringtones. In addition to the 24 ringtones, you can create other ringtones yourself from an MP3 song.

iPhone unlocking programs are widely availible and can be accessed by the average user. Many sites offer easy to use programs that can be used by end users for a fee, or even for free.

To change the default iPhone ringtone, tap on the Settings button on the home screen. When the Settings window open, tap on Sounds. The sounds button can be spotted by the blue volume icon. Under the Sounds, you should tap on the Ringtone. When you tap on the Ringtone, you will be presented with a list of ringtones that is installed on your iPhone. To use a certain ringtone, tap on it. When you tap on the ringtone, it will automatically play so that you can preview it. When you are done, tap on the home button located at the bottom of your iPhone to return to the home screen.

You can also specify a unique ringtone for a certain contact. To assign a ringtone for a contact, tap on Contacts. Next, tap on the contact which you want to assign a ringtone. After that, you should tap on Edit and then Ringtone. Under Standard, you should select a ringtone in the list. In order to assign a ringtone to a contact, tap on the ringtone title and a checkmark will appear next to it. Finally, tap on the info > Done to make the ringtone take effect for the contact. To assign a default ringtone to other contact, you should repeat the whole process all over again.

If you wish to use other ringtones which is not included in the 24 ringtone, you can make it by using the songs in iTunes. However, you can only use song without DRM to make iPhone ringtone. If you want to use ringtone from song with DRM, you must purchase it from the iTunes store.

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